Lonely Planet Magazine India

  • Photographer: Reader Shubhra Sau

  • Postcards from our December 2016 issue

    This is your section entirely; we invite you, our readers, to send in photographs of special moments on your travels, little events or vistas that struck a chord or made you laugh. Tell us what you were doing there, and how…

  • Photographer: Jeremiah Christanand Rao

  • The Photo Story: By the Black Sea

    PHOTOGRAPHS & WORDS: JEREMIAH CHRISTANAND RAO Road tripping though Bulgaria in a minivan cramped with journalists, I put on my headphones and let my mind wander as I soak in the landscape, always changing, yet always scenic. Leaving the capital…

  • Photographer: Himanshu Pandya

  • Japan: Art & Soul

    Japan is a fascinating subject for photographers – we tackle it in black and white WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHS: HIMANSHU PANDYA It’s important to prepare yourself for the unexpected before you begin exploring Japan. It will challenge and upend your perceptions,…

  • Photographer: Vaibhav Mehta

  • Easy Trip: Gurung Guest House, Tinchuley, West Bengal

    HILL-SEEKERS WORDS: ALISHA WADIA PHOTOGRAPHS: VAIBHAV MEHTA At some 5,800ft, tucked high and above Darjeeling, on a strip of a road snaking past tea gardens wearing a foggy white cloak and trailing off somewhere near a forest infused with the…

  • Photographer: Unnikrishnan Raveendranathen

  • Driving along New England’s Coast

    WAITER, THERE’S A WHALE IN MY TEA WORDS: VARDHAN KONDVIKAR PHOTOGRAPHS: UNNIKRISHNAN RAVEENDRANATHEN Coastal New England is very different from the pumpkins-and-cherries interior, with a dramatic and bloody history, beautiful views and charming, energetic cities So, I’m more a coffee person, someone…

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