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Lonely Planet India’s Travel Quiz

Travel we must.  We must go long, and hard and deep into lands that we know little and in some cases almost nothing about. Here at Lonely Planet, we preach that commitment to travel. We advocate that you travel as much as you can and when the world ties you down, do some armchair travelling.

On a personal note, the most exciting part of the journey is the preparation. Oh how I love the endless hours spent rummaging through travel guides, old and new and visiting the travel forums looking for recent information. Not only does it help building up that anticipation, it can, more often than not throw up that one surprise destination that will remain the highlight of the trip.

I am sure many of you have the same process.  The combination of reading and researching on travel and the actual trip itself leaves you far wiser that you think. Do not believe me? Well then, let me prove it to you.

We have designed this travel quiz to test the knowledge you have gathered. It’s simple – go to the app on our Facebook page, read the instructions and start playing. The faster you answer, the more points you score. Weekly winners are awarded a Lonely Planet sling bag. The overall winner at the end of the month wins a Shoppers Stop Gift Card worth Rs 5000.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Bodhisattva Sen Roy is the Digital Editor of Lonely Planet India. When he is not helping people travel, he can be found on some remote Himalayan road, riding away on his motorcycle. Many of his travel (mis)adventures can be read here. You can tweet to him @insenroy