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Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Photo Contest: Winners


Before getting down to it, i must say that for three months, i would eagerly wait to get to office (yes, even on Mondays) to check out the new entries that have come in. Rarely was i disappointed. There were more than 2000 entries, each as good as the next. So after almost a month of listing out, shortlisting, sorting, arguing relentlessly we have our winners. Here we go:

Third place

Avaneesh Rawat’s photograph is a masterpiece in composition. This is one of those shots we all wanted to take but only Avaneesh succeeded. What I personally liked about the photographs (apart from the heavenly early morning sun rays, obviously) is how he uses the vehicle to communicate the scale of the scene. Soft, yet extremely powerful. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it was shot in Corbett National Parks in Uttarakhand

Second place

In the second position, we find Anilrisal Singh’s slice of mountain life. This photograph, shot near Bageshwar, in Uttarakhand shows so poignantly how life seems to slow down once you reach the higher valleys of the Himalayas. The forested hills, the hint of mist in the air, the slightly ancient man strolling through the landscape, all conveys the easy pace of life here – a world away from the frenetic pace most of us are used to in our throbbing big cities. This photo is more like a dream that many of us, travellers have. And for that alone it deserves all the accolades from our side.


This is the big one! And this one goes to Srinivasa Prasath for his fantastic capture of the Ganesh visarjan in Girgaum Chowpatty in Mumbai. For those of us who have been witness to this spectacle, only one word comes to mind – chaos. But that is only on the surface for there is a fantastic amount of method in that madness. Srinivasa captures just that. In this photograph, gigantic idols of Lord Ganesh tower over the sea of humanity while a soft crimson sunset envelopes the entire scene. One last hurrah before the year-long wait.


Bodhisattva Sen Roy is the Digital Editor of Lonely Planet India. When he is not helping people travel, he can be found on some remote Himalayan road, riding away on his motorcycle. Many of his travel (mis)adventures can be read here. You can tweet to him @insenroy