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Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Photo Contest: Consolation prizes

Now that we have announced the winners, here is the list of people who have won the 50 consolation prizes. At this point of time, i would like to tell you that the list includes people who have won for multiple photographs. The number of photo graphs they have won for are reflected in the numbers next to their names.

Before posting the results here, we had reached out to our lucky winners over emails. The names you see here in bold are the individuals we haven’t heard back from. Please remember that for you to receive the prizes, we need your address, which only you can provide. So if you know any of the people in bold, or better still, if you happen to be one of them, please do write back to me at:

Anyway, here are the winners of the consolation prize:

Aby Veerappillil

Aditya Waikul (2)

Ajay Sood

Anilrisal Singh (2) – Mr Singh has also won the 2nd prize in the competition.

Aparna Amte (2)

Ashish Sharma

Arun Karthik

Gitika Saksena

Kedar Narwadkar

Krishnan Srinivasan (2)

Manish Rathee

Murtuza Lokhandwala

N Prasad (2)

Neelima Vallangi (2)

Niladri Chakraborty

Nirvi Badyal

Nishita Reddy

Nitina Palaniswamy

Rabin Chakrabarti

Rahul Ravindra

Rohit Chawla (2)

Saba Abdullah (2)

Sandeep Bisht

Sandy Neuwirth

Sarang Naik (2)

Sarvendra Vikram Singh (2)

Saurabh Sharan

Shonar Joshi

Shriram Belsare (7) – Yes, you read that right – SEVEN

Shubham Ashok

Soumya Mukherji

Sukhman Dhillon

Sumeet Moghe

Yasha Kothari


Bodhisattva Sen Roy is the Digital Editor of Lonely Planet India. When he is not helping people travel, he can be found on some remote Himalayan road, riding away on his motorcycle. Many of his travel (mis)adventures can be read here. You can tweet to him @insenroy