The WHO has classified Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic.

Find out what this means for travelers.

And the winners are…

Escape Express Winners

The day to announce the winners has finally arrived!

We loved your entries and each one has been truly amazing. We hope you too had a great time onboard the Escape Express. The winners of this month-long contest have been selected by our esteemed judges primarily on the basis of quality of content, creativity, passion and votes.

The lucky Mega Prize winners are:

1. First Prize (iPad/Nikon D5200): Rachna Agarwal

2. Second Prize (iPad Mini): Maitreyee Korgaonkar

3. Third Prize (Vouchers worth Rs. 2500):

  • Shantal Shenoy
  • Anita
  • Anupam Kishore
  • Chitresh Sinha
  • Prayash Giria
  • Punit Dubey
  • Pooja Lawande
  • Arvind Passey
  • Sammya Brata
  • Richa Shailendra

Congratulations winners! Those who missed out on this one don’t lose heart as there’s more to come. Thank you for making Escape Express a grand success.

We will be back soon with yet another exciting contest. Till then check out for the best travel advice.

Congratulations again :)

Note to the winners: Please check your emails for information regarding the prizes.