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Travel Safe with Lonely Planet India

Travelling is all about the unknown. That’s its attraction. If it were possible to ‘know’ a destination completely then it wouldn’t be much fun to explore. For most people this ‘unknown’ creates anxiety to some degree. The world isn’t dangerous or unsafe. Quite the opposite. There are some desperate places and people, even in your home town, but these are a minority. In fact, you’re more likely to get into trouble at home than travelling if you follow some common sense tips on your trips.

For this purpose, Lonely Planet India has organised a twitter chat with three well-established travel experts with three very different perspectives on safe travel.

Meet Mariellen Ward, a professional travel writer and publisher of Breathedreamgo, one of the world’s leading travel blogs about India. Breathedreamgo has won many awards, was featured in India Today Magazine and was named one of the Top 50 Indian Blogs. Mariellen has travelled extensively in India over the past 8 years, and though Canadian by birth, considers India her soul culture. She writes for many print and online sites, co-founded the Toronto and Delhi Travel Massives, founded the WeGoSolo online community for female solo travellers and is a founding member of EcoAdventureMedia, a group dedicated to responsible tourism. Mariellen is passionate about transformative travel, the kind that changes you. You can also find Mariellen on Facebook <> and Twitter <>.

Mariellen’s chat will be held on 26 February 2014 at 6.30pm IST and her topic will be Safe travel for foreigners travelling in India.

Meet Supriya Sehgal, who has been willingly getting lost for the past 9 years on her solo travels, but managed to curb her vagabondish ways to create Lonely Planet travel guides that kept her on the road for 250 days last year. She also contributes to national and international publications and scripts TV shows, documentaries, audio guides, coffee table books. Her work is collated on and ramblings on Twitter handle @supsonthemove.

Supriya’s chat will be held on 1 March 2014 at 12pm IST and her topic will be Safe travel for Indians travelling in India.

Meet Anjaly Thomas, a lawyer-turned-journalist-turned travel writer, she currently lives in Dubai and works with Arabian Radio Network as Content Editor, Asian Stations.
She is a traveler and writer with four books under her belt. Lonely Planet Dubai for the Indian Traveler (Published by Lonely Planet, India) UAE Country Guide (Al Khawaneej Publishers, UAE) and Almost Intrepid (Konark Publishers, New Delhi). Almost Intrepid is about how she shunned the conventional Indian-girl persona and picked up the backpack when the monotony of working with a newspaper in Bangalore hit her.
She has not stopped traveling since then. Being in Dubai and working with ARN gave her the chance to explore the world and she has gone around it in a very wide circle, as a solo woman traveler, climbed mountains and trekked through the jungles of Papua New Guinea to name a few.

You can find Anjaly on Facebook <> and Twitter <>.

Anjaly’s chat will be held on 4 March 2014 at 3.30pm IST and her topic will be Safe travel for Indians travelling abroad.

So if you have any questions relating to travel safety, please do leave your queries here or on our twitter handle @lonelyplanet_in using #LPTravelSafe.