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About Us

As more and more Indians travel and travel abroad, they discover that the travel guides in the market while being helpful, rarely have answers for needs that are typically Indian: Will I find a vegetarian restaurant in Beijing? How do I travel safely with my whole family? What do I buy for folks back home and where do I buy them?

Enter Lonely Planet India. The main purpose of setting up shop in India is to provide authentic and independent information tailored for the Indian traveller’s needs and written by Indian authors. Lonely Planet promises Indian travellers better travel planning, richer experiences and more memorable holidays to share. Our full colour travel guides, packed with breathtaking images, are easy to use, reader-friendly, and offer great value for money. Online, you’ll find advice, inspiration and an easy way to buy our guides.


Lonely Planet is renowned for its first-hand approach, up-to-date maps and commitment to providing the best information for travellers.

Accurate, practical information
Lonely Planet authors are experienced, insightful travel experts. They personally research the places they write about – both in the first and in subsequent editions – and provide essential travel details along with a wealth of insider information and first-hand tips.

Impartial recommendations
Lonely Planet travel guides contain no advertising. Lonely Planet authors are not allowed to accept free accommodation or meals in exchange for favourable write-ups, so their recommendations are honest and objective.

Best-value tips
Lonely Planet recommends a wide range of options so that travellers can get the most out of their time and money, whether they’re travelling on a shoestring or an expense account.

Health and safety advice
Lonely Planet offers accurate, practical advice for travelling safely in all destinations. We also provide valuable tips for staying healthy and essential information on what to do in an emergency.

Background information
Lonely Planet believes that the more travellers know about the people and places they’re visiting, the more they’ll enjoy their trip and the less negative impact their presence will have. To this end, the travel guides offer information on customs, etiquette, history, religion, art and politics.

Sturdy construction
Lonely Planet travel guides are built for the road, with laminated covers and spine-stitched bindings that won’t fall apart with heavy use or inclement conditions.

Pain-free books
All Lonely Planet books provide context and advice on travelling sustainably and responsibly. Lonely Planet works hard to reduce waste in the production and distribution of our books. We work hard at forecasting and printing to reduce excess stock. We use 100% Ancient Forest Friendly (AFF) paper and require suppliers to adhere to local and international labour standards. For more details, check out our Responsible Travel section.