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Travelling Teadom: a hot cuppa, amazing views & a sharp lens

A love for tea, travel and photography, led Sriparna to create Travelling Teadom, “A passion project in which I document all the cups of tea (and coffee) that I drink on my travels.” 

“The photo project started as a way to bring in a difference and a personal touch to the photos I click when I travel. The cups add a special layer to the photo and more importantly the photos give me an easy and beautiful way to relate to special moments from the trips,” she explains.

To see more of Sriparna’s work, visit Travelling Teadom.


AUTHOR'S BIO: Sriparna was mistakenly born 500km south of the Himalayas in the dusty city of Delhi and unfortunately continues to live there. Hence, she tries to head north as often as possible. At other times she runs her own communication design studio (called tiffinbox) while staring at clouds, smiling at trees and fostering puppies. More on: