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Cricket lovers’ guide to Kolkata

Best places to watch the match when in Kolkata

Kolkata is also one of the meccas of Indian cricket and the historic Eden Gardens in the city deserve a visit. Here is a guide to the best places to watch the match in Kolkata.


The City of Joy is in the throes of cricket fever. If you love the sound of leather on willow, check out the grand daddy of cricket stadiums in India Eden Gardens. Established during the colonial era, it is the largest cricket stadium in India, and the second-largest cricket in the world behind the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Closeby is the Maidan, a huge ground that houses many old cricketing clubs. A 15-minute ride away is the Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (CC&FC), recognised as the oldest cricket club in the world, outside Britain. Started as the Calcutta Cricket Club Clippers by British expatriates with the East India Company, it is known to have been in existence by 1792. It was an exclusive club till the 1950s.


Drink your team to victory with beer at 1:1, a giant screen and a match special menu including signature butter keema at Tolly Tales, Southern Avenue. The joint has a movie theme with an Arriflex camera (supposedly used by Satyajit Ray), murals of Bengali film legends, and film posters.

Someplace Else at The Park has a great English pub-like vibe, big screen and choice of cocktails, wine and beer buffets.

Predict the Man of the Match, Man of the Series and win prizes at the Xrong Place near Deshopriyo Park.

For a stadium-like ambience, head to South City Mall in team colours to watch the finals on the giant screen in their entrance lobby.

AUTHOR'S BIO: Anuradha Sengupta is a freelance writer and founder-editor of Jalebi Ink, an award-winning media collective for children and youth. A compulsive city-walker, she loves exploring urban cultures and is a columnist for NY-based Karta, a collaborative urban mapping project. Her most memorable adventure was in Afghanistan as digital media advisor, setting up citizens' media centres.