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Ishita Malaviya’s top tips for surfing

Surfing is one of the most exciting water sports activities
Image courtesy: Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

Ishita Malaviya is the co-founder of The Shaka Surf Club at Manipal, Karnataka, with partner Tushar Pathiyan. Here are her top tips for surfing. 

Surfing the waves is catching up as a legitimate beachside adventure and water sports activity in India. Many beaches in India have wonderful waves that make them ideal for surfing.


Surf with a buddy: It’s mandatory to be a swimmer to learn to surf so that you are able to float or swim ashore in case you fall off the surfboard. Go along with fellow surfers or with instructors from a surfing school. Anyone from 6to 60 can surf if they love the water.

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Surfing gear: Choose from long boards that are 9ft or more for cruising on waves, or short boards that are 6ft and below for bigger waves. Board shorts and rash vests are the best clothing for men and women. Be respectful of local customs and sport that bikini only on beaches where local communities may not be offended.

Snacking: Surfing is best done early in the mornings and bananas are great for an energy burst.

Best time: You can surf all year round except during the monsoons. The biggest swells arrive pre-monsoon (May–June) and post-monsoon (Sep–Oct), when waves can go up from 10–15ft.

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