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In pics: the best of Germany

Germany packs in a whole range of experiences and flavours that few other countries can match up to. From spectacular landscapes, moody forests, buzzing cities, historic towns, fairy tale castles to quirky theme parks, it’s got it all. Food and drinks is of course a huge part of the experience, which you just can’t ignore.

Gear up for a roller coaster ride as we take you through the best this country has to offer.



Berlin’s famous concert hall Konzerthaus and the Schiller monument at Gendarmen market square

German capital’s glamour comes from its vibrant culture, edgy architecture, fabulous food, all-night parties and palpable history where classy restaurants rub shoulders with world-class museums and striking landmarks that reflect the city’s history.


Oktoberfest, one of the largest beer festivals in the world, takes place annually in Munich

Munich’s legendary 16-day beer festival takes places at Theresienwiese (Theresa’s Meadow) where locals and foreigners guzzle their way through seven million litres of lager. It doesn’t get bigger than this anywhere else.


The Black Forest is all about magical woods and villages. It's the perfect place for hiking, cycling and skiing.

This is nothing short of a fairy-tale forest. Think mist, snow, thunderous waterfalls, picturesque lakes, fir-cloaked hills, steep gorges and houses that resemble cuckoo clocks. In the Black Forest you’ll be treated to a rich tapestry of natural beauty.


The stunning 19th century castle is cradled amidst Bavarian Alpine forests

Nothing short of a picture book illustration, Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular castles across Europe. It is the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.


The romantic Rhine Valley is home to the Rheinstein Castle that was built in the 10th century

Rhine Valley is all about to dramatic landscapes and hillside castles. Think rolling vineyards, rocky cliffs, gorgeous villages, Gothic churches. A 65-km stretch known as Upper Middle Rhine Valley has been designates as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Meandering through treetops at Europe’s first canopy walk in Hainch National Park

With more than 15 national parks spread across the country, Hainch in Central Germany, close to the town of Eisenach, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A walk at sunset along the Main River promenade is a popular activity in Frankfurt.

The dynamic financial capital of Germany has a lot to offer – from cosy apple wine taverns, outdoor cafes, boutiques, street art, beautiful parks, gardens, museums to riverside paths.


Local German classics include schnitzel, sausages, roast pork pretzels and of course foamy wheat beer

With food markets, beer gardens, old fashioned taverns, wine festivals and food museums, Germany is a delight for any foodie. A journey discovering traditional food will leave you surprised.