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Best spots for sunset in Asia

Golden Temple at sunset
Image courtesy: ©MasterLu/Getty Images

Whether you like to watch the sun set against a silhouette of swaying palm trees or cloud-skimming skyscrapers, there’s something life-affirming about watching the sun go down on another day of travel – and Asia’s kaleidoscopic skies are prime viewing.

Golden Temple – India

Pilgrims mob the Golden Temple whatever the time of day, but a special magic hovers over the most sacred shrine to Sikhism at sunset, when the elegant, golden-crusted Harmandir Sahib glows like an ember on a mirror sea.

U Bein Bridge – Myanmar

Some landmarks are best seen as silhouettes, and U Bein Bridge is one of them, being at its most photogenic as the sun dips over Taungthaman Lake. In the final hours of daylight, the world’s longest teak bridge throngs with monks, bikes and locals going about their picturesque business.


Jimbaran is an fishing village and tourist resort in Bali, Indonesia.
Jimbaran is a fishing village
Image courtesy: ©fiftymm99/Getty Images

Jimbaran Beach – Bali

Sunset, sand, seafood – what’s not to like about Jimbaran Beach? Grab a table on the foreshore, order grilled ocean prawns, squid, barracuda, snapper and mud crabs and feast all your senses as the western sky gets a repaint from the setting sun.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – Japan

Sunsets over cities really need to be seen from above; the challenge is finding a viewing deck without a monster entry fee. Enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, offering gratis sunset views from the 45th floor.

Sunset Silhouettes at Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines.
Great beauty over Manila Bay
Image courtesy: ©Stuart Dee/Getty Images

Manila Bay – The Philippines

Pollution and geography conspire to create great beauty over Manila Bay, the setting for some of Asia’s most spectacular sunsets. Get there early and stake out a viewing spot near the funfair at Mall of Asia, Manila’s answer to Santa Monica Pier.

Sarangkot – Nepal

With its mirrored lake and mountain canopy, Pokhara was made for stunning sundown spectacle. For maximum oohs and aahs, head for Sarangkot on the ridge above Phewa Tal for the evening light show over Mt Machhapuchhare and the Annapurna mountains.

Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade – Hong Kong

Sunset comes with an after-dinner show at Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. Stroll along the Avenue of the Stars (hello there Jet Li, howdy Jackie Chan), then grab a waterfront seat ready for sunset and the Symphony of Lights.

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