Best pizzas in Delhi and where to get them

Delhi is home to many restaurants offering a range of pizzas.
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You can either love it or hate it, but you cannot be indifferent to it. Most love it when they bite into a hot slice of freshly baked and crisp dough that’s oozing with cheese. The capital is filled with restaurants offering a range of pizzas but the choice can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Here’s our list of the favourite ones in town:

Sorrento: Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto Di Parma and Rocket Pizza

From the moment you place your order, till the pizza arrives at your table, you can watch it being prepared in the live kitchen. These are original Nepolitan pizzas with a medium crust, just the way it is had in Naples. The dough is hand-kneaded and the crust made by just stretching it without using rolling pins At times the chef may throw in a few questions to test your knowledge about the pizza. It is topped with home-made San Marzano tomato sauce, paper thin slivers of Parma ham and prosciutto with rocket leaves and buffalo mozzarella. Hot and bubbling, when you sink your teeth into these, you’ll agree with us that this is one of the best pizzas in Delhi. If you didn’t know already, Naples is the birthplace of this classic dish.

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Instapizza: Mall of India

Don’t get surprised with the name. Not only is this a safe choice, but one of the best options if you love smoked chicken and tangy jalapenos. This heavenly pizza comes with pork bacon bits. Instapizza has special pizzas with quirky local names like Galleria Special, Good Earth Salad Pizza, Vasant Vihar Special, Spicy in Saket. If you enjoy deep dish pizzas, try the Monster Deep Dish, you won’t be disappointed.

San Gimignano: Dark Rye with Gorgonzola, Fennel, Parma Ham


Dark rye pizza at San Gimignano
Image courtesy: San Gimignano

No need to feed guilty as you indulge in a pizza because when the dough is made of dark rye or buckwheat – it’s absolutely healthy. San Gimignano, the Tuscan restaurant at The Imperial offers four such pizzas which are perfect for weight watchers and not dripping with cheese. This doesn’t mean they compromise on taste. The pizza is light with delicate and subtle flavours. Drizzled lightly with gorgonzola and chopped fennel with finely cut Parma ham in the middle, it’s one of the lightest pizzas you can lay your hands on this city. We even love the Buckwheat Pizza that was topped with sour cream and rocket leaves.

Pizza Express: Calabrese

After wowing the world, they finally set foot in India just a couple of years back and brought a little bit of Italy with them. Inspired from the Calabria region in Italy is one of the most famous and popular pizzas by Pizza Express – the Calabrese. They are so proud of this creation that they make sure it stands out – not just in taste but also in shape. The rectangular shaped, thin crust pizza is sprinkled with chunky spicy Italian sausage, red chillies, jalapenos, emilgrana and mozzarella cheese, delicious pesto and rocket leaves. It’s as delicious as it sounds and will leave you wanting much more.

Jamie’s Pizzeria: Stargazy and Delhi Hot

The Stargazy pizza at Jamie's Pizzeria comes with prawns.
Image courtesy: Pallavi Pasricha

We’ve seen Jamie Oliver cooking up a storm on TV, we’ve eaten at his restaurants in the UK, and we were anxiously waiting to see when he will set foot in our city. We were thrilled when he opened not one but three restaurants, so we decided to check out Jamie’s Pizzeria in Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon. With 15 types of pizza on the menu, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Seafood lovers, don’t think twice before ordering the Stargazy pizza that comes with prawns and delicious lime wedges for a gentle squeeze on top. It’s absolutely sinful. Those who like it spicy, go for Delhi Hot with meatballs and sliced red chillies. The dough is made each morning and is not thin, which is what we enjoyed quite a lot.

Big Chill: Four Fourths

You never need a reason to visit Big Chill, but if you still want one, here it is – the Four Fourths pizza, that comes topped with chorizo, ham, chicken and pepperoni. Each bite is different and before you know it, the pizza will be over. Combine it with a coffee shake and then keep space for some of their legendary desserts.

NYC Pie: Duck Walk

NYC Pie has pizzas named after different landmarks in New York City.
Image courtesy: NYC Pie

Craving for those slices you had in New York? Well you wont get them here, but what you do get are full pizzas that are really tasty. The names in the menu will take you down memory lane – they’ve got pizzas like Times Square, Tribeca, Yellow Cab Special and New York City. Times Square is a delicious option for vegetarians with pesto, sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers, roasted garlic and pine nuts. It’s one of the few places in Delhi that offers a duck pizza, so tuck into a Duck Walk pizza that is topped with roasted pulled duck and cranberry relish.

La Piazza: La Piazza

A simple classic wood-fire oven pizza made of sun dried tomato, basil pesto, garlic and goat cheese has been a favorite in the city since 1994. A bite of the pizza and you’ll forget that rest of the world exists around you. Enjoy this dish in luxurious setting of Hyatt hotel.

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