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The globetrotting couple: 70 countries and counting

Savi and Vid have been travelling the world together.
Image courtesy: Bruised Passports

It’s no secret that your soul mate is the ultimate travel companion. Meet the couple that has travelled to more than 70 countries over the past eight years and is still going strong. We are talking about Savi and Vid from Bruised Passports, who ditched their full-time jobs to pursue their passion for travelling. They tell us about their journey together.

How did this idea of travelling full time come about?

We used to work and live in London. While we were there, we would travel to a new place at least once a month. But getting away for a long weekend or a fortnight just wasn’t enough – we found ourselves craving for more time in each country. So we took a huge leap of faith and started travelling full time. We’ve never looked back since.

After covering 70 countries, what’s next?

100 countries soon. Just kidding. While we love exploring new destinations, we find ourselves spending much longer in each country now. We love spending months in the same country acquainting ourselves with the local culture and making friends as opposed to ticking them off a checklist. Slow travel is truly rewarding.

Tell us what travel means to you.

Travel to us means immense possibility because meeting new people and seeing new destinations with new eyes opens up a world of possibilities like no other. It has taught us to appreciate every little thing we have and accept everyone without judgement.

How much time do you spend in a place?

We do try to spend at least a month in a new destination, but it also depends on where we are headed. We spend lesser time in more expensive places such as Switzerland or New Zealand but find ourselves lingering in more affordable, tropical countries such as Indonesia and Guatemala.

Any interesting incident during a trip that you can never forget?

We’ve had a number of interesting misadventures on the road, from sprained ankles to funky-tasting street food, we’ve suffered it all. The one that took the cake was a faulty GPS during our epic road trip through Croatia. It led us into a labyrinthine forest – instead of turning back, we went deeper and deeper into the woods till there was no turning back. Lesson learnt – be prudent, not adventurous when dealing with faulty GPS’s.

What’s your idea of adventure?

Adventure for us is stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new. While we have gone for paragliding and river rafting, we get a bigger thrill from driving on treacherous and remote roads, sleeping in igloos on mountains and going for tough hikes in the middle of the night to catch a beautiful sunrise from the top. We believe adventures are more fun if done together.


Image courtesy: Bruised Passports

Do you prefer beaches or mountains and why?

Mountains – the romance of snuggling in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate while watching fresh snow flakes fall on windows and doors never gets old.

Have you ever explored any lesser known destination in India? Please share your experience.

While most tourists explore the Golden Triangle on their first visit to India, we loved glamping in the wilderness at Sariska National Park. We had an incredible time at the national park spotting deer and antelopes and exploring offbeat ruins and hidden gems such as the Kankwari Fort.

Any guilty food pleasure?

Vid loves his cheese and is always signing up for cheese samplings and tours when we travel. I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist chocolate.

Best travel advice you’ve got?

Just go and devour every bit of a new place. Life is too short to be spent worrying about accumulating material possessions. It should be about crazy adventures, amazing people, sumptuous memories and deep kisses.

Ever feel home sick?

Never. Here’s the shortcut to feeling at home in a new place – accept it with open arms and eyes wide with wonder. Let the romance of the place sink in and watch how you fall irrevocably in love with it.

Ever feel like taking a break from travel?

No. We just vary the rhythm of our travel depending on how we are feeling. Some months are all about road trips followed by cruises and then hikes. But those are often followed by a few months of staying put in one place – perfect when we’re feeling a bit jaded or work is piling up.

Image courtesy: Bruised Passports

What is it like to travel with your partner?

Savi: Amazing. Come rain or sun, Vid keeps me grounded.
Vid: Couldn’t have asked for a better partner – Savi’s a dreamer and always helps me fall in love with new places.

Ever done a solo trip?

Savi: Yes of course – I spent a few weeks in New York just a couple of years ago. I enjoy travelling alone but don’t enjoy the responsibility that comes with it. I’m forever fretting about passports and foreign currency.
Vid: Yes – I used to live and work in Singapore. So I would take lots of solo trips to Malaysia, Thailand, France, and Italy. Solo trips are so much fun but I do have to say I prefer travelling with a crazy partner in crime.

Ever got into a fight or argument over a trip?

There have been plenty of discussions along the way but over the years, we’ve learnt to customise our itineraries in a way that satiates both of us.

Has your bonding become more special after travelling together for so many years?

Definitely – it is crazy to think just how much time we spend together while travelling as a couple. We definitely have a new respect for each other and feel more compatible than ever. When we first quit our jobs to travel the world and spend 24/7, 365 days a year with each other, we were a bit apprehensive. Just a month into our long-term travels and all those fears dissipated as we realised we enjoyed each and every moment spent together.

Image courtesy: Bruised Passports

How has travel changed the way you see each other?

Savi: We’ve known each other for far too long (17 years and counting) but even so, travel has made me see Vid in a new light. His pragmatism makes me feel at ease when things aren’t going exactly as planned, something that happens often while travelling.
Vid: Travelling together has made me see Savi’s point of view of the world. She sees the world through rose-tinted glasses and finds it difficult to find flaws or negatives in people or situations. That does rub off on me when we’re travelling and helps me be less cynical about things around us.

What’s the most romantic destination you’ve visited?

There are quite a few – from our gorgeous road trip in New Zealand to a languorous week spent in the Maldives, we have had plenty of romantic experiences. That said, we try to create romance even in the not-so-romantic places – after all, it’s the company that matters.

The most romantic thing you’ve done for each other on a trip?

Savi: There are too many to count. Just recently, I grumbled about missing London’s flower markets while we were in Bangalore. I woke up to a room full of bouquets and flowers the very next day. Little gestures like this make my heart melt.
Vid: Hehe, Savi is an incorrigible romantic at heart; so there’s too many too count. I wake up to little notes, cards, special breakfasts, and no-occasion surprises ever so frequently, wherever in the world we are!

What are the best and worst travel qualities in your partner?

Savi: Vid’s best quality is his pragmatism, something that is essential in a traveller. His worst quality is spending too long photographing panoramas.
Vid: Savi’s best quality is her discipline and ability to plan trips impeccably. Her worst quality is trying to conjure idyllic fairtytale scenarios out of every episode in life – someone tell her sometimes they just don’t exist. She doesn’t rest in peace till she finds the best parts of a new place.

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