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Dubai Airport launches the world’s fastest free airport Wi-Fi

Killing time in an airport can be tedious, but Dubai International has just found a way to keep travellers entertained by launching the world’s fastest free airport Wi-Fi connection.

The new service – called WOW-Fi – will provide millions of travellers with an internet connection up to 100mbps. “With WOW-Fi passengers will get a speed of up to 100mbps to enable them to quickly download or upload emails, pictures, videos and social media updates and then get on with enjoying the airport or connecting to their friends and family across the world,” said Michael Ibbitson, executive vice-president of technology and infrastructure at Dubai Airports.

The service will come as a benefit to a lot of travellers in 2017, as the airport is expecting to welcome 89 million passengers. The move towards faster internet follows Dubai Airport’s December launch of free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

As frequent travellers know, connecting to airport Wi-Fi can be a difficult task, with a long process of entering personal details and signing in. But with Dubai’s new system, users will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi with one click.

The article was first published on Lonely Planet Travel News