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Top 10 countries with the best quality of life

Aurora lights in Lapland, Finland
Image courtesy: ©Yoann JEZEQUEL Photography/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a fresh start in life, you could do worse than heading to northern Europe, as a recent report reveals Scandinavian countries have the best quality of life in the world.

The 2017 Social Progress Index measures 50 different indicators to create a clear picture about what daily life is like in 128 countries. They cover a broad range of topics but can generally be filed under three categories; basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity.

Researchers say this is the best and most nuanced measurement of quality of life available. Here are the top 10 countries they found topped the charts.

1. Denmark has an almost perfect score for water & sanitation.



2. Finland has some of the best nutrition in the world.

Aurora borealis over a track through winter landscape, Finnish Lapland
Image courtesy: ©Oscity/Shutterstock

3. Iceland comes top in the world for freedom of expression.

The famous Skogafoss waterfall in southern Iceland, Summer 2016
Image courtesy: ©Nakcrub/Shutterstock

4. Norway is one of the safest countries in the word.

Through Norwegian taiga, Saltfjallet
Image courtesy: ©rafax/Getty Images

5. Switzerland ranks highly for its environment.

EBENALP, SWITZERLAND - MAY 25: Ebenalp is a famous tourist destination in the canton of Appenzell in Switzerland on May 25, 2015. The Ebenalp is the northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps.

6. Canada, on average women in Canada remain in school for nearly 16 years.

Autumn scenic drive in Canadian Rocky mountains, along the world famous Icefields Parkway (Highway 93), in Alberta province of Canada.
Image courtesy: ©Feng Wei Photography/Getty Images

7. The Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of homophobia in the world.

Panoramic of Amsterdam.
Image courtesy: ©Wouter van Oosten/500px

8. Sweden has some of the safest roads, with a very low number of traffic deaths per year.

Hiker in mountains

9. Australia was singled out for freedom of religion and politics.

Sydney harbour with bridge and Opera House.

10. New Zealand 100% of people here own mobile phones.

Combi van along road surrounded by tree ferns and palms in the Waitakere Ranges, between Auckland and Piha.
Image courtesy: ©Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet

This article was first published in Lonely Planet Travel News