Best places to eat in Bundi

Vendors selling piping hot tea and crisp pakoras can be found across the city.
Image courtesy: Lonely Planet/Nishal Lama

Bundi might be a small city but the variety of food it offers is quite large. Due to the Marwari influence, the vegetarian varieties of Bundi are particularly delicious and more popular. The use of milk due to scarcity of water in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations lends a unique flavour. Apart from the already popular daal baati churma and lal maas, Bundi’s kesariya murg (saffron chicken) and safed maas (white meat) can’t be missed. Food here is traditionally served on large platters with dessert being a part of the meal not after it. Here is where you should eat.

Bundi Vilas
This is one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. A family-run boutique hotel, this place offers an unmatched dining experience. You can either eat in the sheltered terrace or rooftop that’s lit up with candles and you get an amazing view of the floodlit Bundi palace above. The food served is vegetarian but there’s enough variety to keep anyone happy who likes Rajasthani or north Indian food. With much of its supplies of fruits and vegetables coming fresh from their own farm at the outskirts of the city, Bundi Vilas has its own homemade jams too which are a must-try.

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Kipling Cafe
Sitting pretty in garden overlooking Jait Sagar Lake and Sukh Mahal, this lovely spot is almost like those postcard English country gardens. Give yourself a break from sightseeing and gorge on its fresh and reasonably-priced food – ranging from local cuisine to European fare. The coffee here could well be one of the best you ever had, with the mocha being exceptional. Just order some fresh cakes along with it and spend hours admiring the tranquil view.

Sathi Lassi


Indian popular drink lassi on the street
Creamy lassi is a must-have
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On the way to the fort keep an eye out for this tiny shop that serves the creamiest lassi you can have. Sathi’s concoction of blended yogurt made from full-fat buffalo milk, pistachios, saffron, cardamom among others, would make you keep coming back for more till you are in Bundi. A recipe that Sathi learned from his mother has even drawn comparisons with a dessert called srikhand, also made from yogurt. He runs out of his packed glasses by the evening or sooner when it is tourist season.

Morgan’s Place

If you are not averse to climbing a lot of stairs and want to experience the ultimate in relaxation, Morgan’s Place is where you should be. If you want to take a break from spicy and rich local curries, this place serves pizzas, pastas and salads that can give your palate the much-needed change. The relaxed and rustic setting with bamboo and cane furniture and decor comes with an unhindered view of the city. Located below the palace near Surang Gate, the varieties on the menu might make you doubtful considering the fact that Bundi is all but a small city, but you can even order the falafel here without any hesitation.

Street food

Tea Seller; Rajasthan
Nothing can beat piping hot tea when in winters.
Image courtesy: ©Chaitanya Deshpande/Lonely Planet

As soon as the mercury starts dipping, the lanes and bylanes of Bundi start smelling of chai and pakoras. You can sit at any roadside stall, strike up conversations with the locals and beat the chill with piping hot tea and crisp pakoras. Don’t forget to get the sugar in tea and chilly in pakoras adjusted as tea all over Rajasthan is traditionally on a sweeter side and the chilly in food is legendary. Don’t miss the mirchi-mirchi – green chillies stuffed with a mix of potatoes and chilly, and deep fried post given a dip in chilly batter.

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