Best Indian restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to many Indian restaurants.
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There’s something so finger-licking good about Indian food. From it’s luring aroma to its bold, complex flavours, it truly makes the senses come alive. If you’re craving for Indian food in the Dutch capital, considering Diwali is just round the corner, here are some good options.

Tulsi Indian Restaurant: This more than 20-year-old fine dining restaurant is a complete balance of sugar, spice and everything nice! Known for its iconic Indian starters, street food and chaat, the restaurant promises to give its guests and Indian food lovers an unforgettable experience. Popular items on the menu are; chola bhatura, golgappas, pani puri,  aloo tikki, aloo papri chaat and more!
Address: Van Woustraat 212, 1073 NA


Deep frying medu vada in the pan. Medu Vada is a savoury snack from South India, very common street food in the India.
Vada is a popular South Indian snack in Saravanaa Bhavan
Image courtesy: ©Rahul Dsilva/Shutterstock

Saravanaa Bhavan: Renowned vegetarian food chain, Saravanaa Bhavan is known for its authentic South Indian food, subtle blend of spices and tantalising aromatics. Be sure to try their golden, crispy dosas and their buttery, piping hot idlis. There are often long queues of excited guests and diners waiting for a table in their bright set up. The menu is very elaborate and leaves one spoilt for choice!
Address: Stadhouderskade 123-124, 1074 AV

Ganesha: Delicious Indian food, value for money and a great location makes this restaurant a popular pick for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant puts together a sinful lamb curry and a perfectly grilled baingan bharta, among many other delightful dishes that diners can indulge in.
Address: Geldersekade 5 HS, 1011 EH

Delicious dal makhni in Pind Punjabi
Image courtesy: Pind Punjabi

Pind Punjabi: When translated, Pind Punjabi means ‘The Punjabi Family’. Punjabis are known for their hospitality and food and Pind Punjabi is no exception. It has been a popular choice amongst locals, expats and visitors for the last 30 years. The restaurant positions itself as an extension of an Indian home kitchen and diners and guests can enjoy authentic Indian food in a casual, homely, fun environment with family and friends! Pind Punjabi’s menu is a delight for both vegetarian and non -vegetarian guests. Favourites here are dal makhni, kormas and assorted buttery, Indian breads.
Address: Van Woustraat 240, 1073 NC

Mayur: One of the first fine dining Indian restaurants in Amsterdam, at Mayur, guests can relax and enjoy the Indian experience in a beautiful setting that will remind you of India. The restaurant is known for its marinated meats and tandoori dishes which are grilled to perfection in a traditional charcoal tandoor. Vegetarians will not be disappointed — this restaurant can make almost everything in a vegetarian variant, including the delicious biryanis and curries.
Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 203, 1017 RB

AUTHOR'S BIO: Born and raised in India, she's now based in Amsterdam. She’s a food enthusiast and a lover of stories told behind the lens and beyond. A free spirited dreamer who finds joy in discovering hidden offbeat gems!