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It’s Adventure Time in Manipur

Go for rafting on the the Leimatak River.
Image courtesy: ©Dominik Pabis/Getty Images

Manipur’s valleys and hills provide the ideal platform for a range of adventure sports and outdoor activities. From rock climbing to long treks, adventure activities are aplenty. The Sangai Festival in November is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors of Manipur.


Manipur’s short rivers and their tumultuous terrain offer exciting rafting options. From the Lamdan institute, a 16km rafting course takes you up to Nungleiban and usually lasts for two hours. For those interested in rafting for a longer duration, the same course is extended up to the town of None which is 64km from Lamdan.

Wind Surfing

At Loktak Lake, the largest lake in the Northeast, Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) organizes wind surfing on special request. The expansive lake is ideal for wind surfing and after a crash course from the experts at the MMTA (, you can stay out on the lake for as long as you like.

Eco Tourism


The Shirui lily is the state flower of Manipur
Image courtesy: Manipur Tourism Board

Choose a retreat at the Lamdan institute for rock climbing, parasailing and short treks. From Lamdan it moves on to Ukhrul to explore the Shirui hills and the Khangkui caves. The last stop is at Tamenglong, where one treks through the district to the Tharon caves, visits the waterfalls along the Barak River, the Ziliad Lake and the Tamenglong monument.

Rock Climbing & Paragliding

Lamdan offers both rock climbing and paragliding.
Image courtesy: MMTA

At the campus in Lamdan, about 40km from Imphal, both natural and artificial rock climbing facilities are available. Rock climbing is usually part of a larger eco-tourism package but if you’re short on time you can ask for only a few hours on the rocks. Paragliding too is offered in the same facility and if information is provided in advance power paragliding courses can be organised as well, but a much higher cost.


Barak River and its surrounds are suitable for treks
Image courtesy: Manipur Tourism Board

From trekking along the Shirui hills in Ukhrul to walking through the jungle to visiting the waterfalls along the Barak River in Tamenglong, Manipur offers a range of exciting treks of varying difficulty levels. Some of the more popular treks are the Laimaton trek, which is a short trek from the Lamdan institute to the Laimaton peak and trekking through the Dzukou Valley. While the valley is easy enough to trek through when you set out from the Nagaland side, the Manipur side is considerably more treacherous and of a tougher difficulty level. Other popular treks are set in the districts of Senapati and Tamenglong.
MMTA offers various trekking programmes and costs vary according to duration and difficulty levels


Caving can be done at Tamenglong, Senapati and Ukhrul.
Image courtesy: MMTA

The districts of Ukhrul and Tamenglong are home to many prehistoric caves which are a delight not only for anthropologists but for tourists with a keen interest in the outdoors as well. The caves are usually hard to get to, some even requiring a few days of trekking to just reach them, but are worth the effort. The Tharon cave systems in Tamenglong and Ukhrul’s Khangkhui caves are must-visits while at Manipur.

Top Tip:Adventure sports at Manipur Sangai Festival 2017
The state festival (21–30 November 2017) will feature a variety of activities for sports and adventure enthusiasts, including trekking, rafting and parasailing. The festival will also showcase the indigenous sports Manipur, such as thang ta (spear and sword skills), yubi-lakpi (a game similar to rugby), mukna kangjei (a combination of hockey and wrestling), and sagol kangjei (modern polo).

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