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Festival of the month: India Art Festival

Creative art work at India Art Festival

When: November 23 to 26 (11 am to 7.30 pm)

Where: Thyagaraj Stadium, INA Colony, New Delhi

Looking to buy a masterpiece created by a renowned artist? Or, perhaps a beautiful sculpture by a lesser known master sculptor? Or, even an interesting artwork depicting an idyllic rural landscape by a talented village artist? If yes, then the India Art  Festival (IAF) is worth a visit.

Art Horizons: Organized at the sprawling Thyagaraj Stadium that comes to life every November with some splendid creations of contemporary artists from across the world, the festival ( that incidentally is also organized every February in Mumbai) showcases works from galleries from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Jaipur.


And it’s not just the Indian artists whose works are displayed, a number those from overseas countries like Canada, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, Israel and Singapore are also represented. And sure enough, together they showcase a range of new statements being made in the world of art.

This time, around 470 artists will come together with a variety of artistic expressions including paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, textiles and installations both big and small.

A walk through the venue that boasts of a dual-module pattern — an art galleries section and an artists’ pavilions area – that offers visitors the chance of coming face to face with some renowned artists whose works may perhaps be adorning their walls back home. It’s a great opportunity to see the eclectic work done not just by mid-career but also the  rising stars of the art world.

Interesting Interactions: One of the delights of the festival is meeting talented rural as well as urban artists who go unrepresented. After all, the main tenet behind the Artists’ Pavilion is to create a dialogue between art lovers and the artist.

This helps and encourages the sale and purchase of artworks on an open platform. The buyers love the idea of directly approaching and meeting the artist and, nedless to say, the choices they zero in on are numerous.

This module, one must add, has come to be much appreciated as it works on multiple levels of engagement — by not just bringing these two together but also helps in understanding the medium as the artists also need to develop perspectives that go beyond their own lens of understanding. And this is something that the art aficionados provide.

All images by: India Art Festival

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