Christmas and New Year in Goa

The colourful Palolem beach in Goa
Image courtesy: ©Dan Baciu/Shutterstock

Goa has always been associated with merriment. Offering the most amazing seafood, sunshine, clear stretches of beaches and greenery; it is like a haven for visitors.

When it comes to celebrations like that of Christmas and New Year, the beach state is sure to cast a spell, only enticing you to visit here again and again.

If celebrating this festive season in Goa, you might as well want to look at what to do.

Go Beach Partying

When Goa’s peak season approaches, the party monsters wake up. The state’s coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches that are always full of life. You can head to Tito’s Lane where numerous bars are constantly organising dance parties. Most of the shacks arrange their own parties- music spills on the beach from restaurants and party places.

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Water activities in Goa
Water activities in Goa
Image courtesy: ©Flickr/Nilesh & Anshul/CC BY-ND 2.0

Adventure Activities

Gone are the days when you just sit back on a beach spending hours looking at the waves crashing on the shore. Goa encourages you to make the sea a sporting ground with plenty of water sports. Harness the power of wind to take you across the water on a kite board with Kitesurfing, most popular at Baga and Candolim. Water activities like Scuba Diving and Snorkelling are also popularly available in Goa. Enthusiasts can even take short or long term courses as per convenience.

Pork Vindalho (front) and Kingfish Balchao
Pork Vindalho (front) and Kingfish Balchao
Image courtesy: ©Lonely Planet

Goan Cuisine

There is a lot more than beaches and parties in Goa, especially when it comes to exquisite dining. Being the land of spices, it’s a heaven for foodies and if you are visiting the beach state this festive season, do not miss out on some of these dishes. Balchão- a special pickle, Cafreal- something like a Portuguese grilled chicken, Chouriço- a spicy sausage, Recheado- spicy filling used in fish, Sorpotel- a spicy Portuguese dish traditionally made with pork and offals.

Junk jewellery is commonly available in Goa's markets
Junk jewellery is commonly available in Goa's markets
Image courtesy: ©Flickr/Nagarjun Kandukuru/CC BY 2.0


Markets in Goa are extremely vibrant and eclectic with unique Goan things to offer. Shopping options range from high-end designer shops to roadside stalls selling cheap, affordable clothes and junk jewellery. The major attractions are Anjuna flea market and the night market at Arpora where one could buy anything at reasonable prices. Pick gifts for your dear ones from here.