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Head to Jaisalmer for Ragasthan music festival

Image courtesy: ©Ragasthan

For many travellers, Rajasthan best sums up the Indian travelscape – colours, warm hospitality, food that teases the palate, and larger-than-life forts and palaces that transport you to another world. When this set-up becomes the backdrop of one of the most intriguing festivals of the state- Ragasthan music festival, you know it’s an event that cannot be missed.

Ragasthan is a unique combination of music, art and culture culminating into an enthralling festival set up in the middle of Thar Desert, about 40 km from the mystic city of Jaisalmer. Its third edition, scheduled from 23rd to 25th of February, will witness a diverse mixture of artists from across the globe getting together at one platform.

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Image courtesy: ©Ragasthan

This time Ragasthan will be on the theme ‘Unbelong’, encouraging the festival goers to convene and enjoy the excitement of a music festival, spellbinding creativity from global and folk artists and performers, a chance to engage with like-minded individuals and groups over bonfires and star gazing.

Travellers can explore wholesome offerings including comfortable stay, adventure and sporting activities and much more. Bolstering the likes of globe wanderers, Jaisalmer offers a distinctive time for visitors who get to experience the stillness of the desert complimented by the folk music and bonfires under a starlit sky.

Ragasthan invites tourists to come and attend a festival that is happening in the middle of the desert, away from the hustle of the city with all the amenities in place.

Unlike most of the other festivals that have a religious significance, this three-day extravaganza has been especially created to give travellers a dekko of the vibrant colours and pageantry of Rajasthan on a single platform. Sure enough, no traveller goes back disappointed with what it has to offer.

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