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Braj Holi celebrations in Deeg Palace, Bharatpur

Image courtesy: ©Umesh Gogna

Rajasthan might be famous as the desert, but quite contrarily it boasts of some of the most stunning water palaces in India. While Udaipur and Jaipur’s palaces effortlessly find their place in any traveller’s list, there is a hidden gem in Bharatpur district that would leave you equally enchanted. More so if you are visiting on Holi.

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Image courtesy: ©Umesh Gogna

This 18th-century luxurious summer resort in Deeg was built by the Jat kings to compete with the Mughal splendour. And, with its Mughal Gardens-inspired lawns, and bhawans (mansions) showcasing the blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture, it would surely have achieved the goal. The two huge water reservoirs on either side, Gopal Sagar and Rup Sagar, not only provide a cooling effect but their green waters make the whole setting gorgeous.

Image courtesy: ©Daleep Singh Rathore

It is, however, on the day of Holi each year that the place, its palaces and around 900 fountains come to life all over again.

Deeg, which lies within the range of the famous 21-km Govardhan parikrama is a part of Brijbhoomi, considered the land of Krishna. The festival of colours is, thus, celebrated here with as much fervour as in Mathura-Vrindavan.

Image courtesy: ©Daleep Singh Rathore

The main part of these celebrations is undoubtedly the colourful water fountains at the palace. The myriad colours that spurt from these fountains look as if you are watching a rainbow dancing to festive tunes.

Image courtesy: ©Daleep Singh Rathore

It is this exquisite and one-of-its kind network of fountains in the middle of the palace and between different bhawans that sets the Deeg palace apart from the others.

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