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Women’s Day special: Cricket is travel for me, says Veda Krishnamurthy

Image courtesy: ©Veda Krishnamurthy/Facebook

Meet the 25-year-old Indian cricketer from Chikmagalur, who has been making India proud for the past 10 years, especially during 2017’s world cup tournament when the Indian women’s cricket team made it to the semi-finals.

On the special occasion of Women’s Day, we present a snippet of her interview with us about all things travel.

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What is common between cricket and travel?

As everyone knows we have to travel to different places for playing matches, for every match we have a different destination. So, I would say cricket is travel.

Which is your favourite city from around the world?

I really enjoyed playing in Australia, especially in Adelaide. It’s a very beautiful city, it’s quiet and at the same time people are also enjoying a lot among themselves.

Image courtesy: ©Veda Krishnamurthy/Facebook

Do you go out after your games are over?

Yes, I cannot sit idle in my room so, I make sure that I go out. I really don’t check about the places to visit, but I just step out for a walk and see if there is anything close by which is worth watching. I am more of an animal person, so we plan out if there is any zoo or a national park around.

Any cities you think people should know?

More than cities, I think people should know history. I like to go to a lot of forts and old temples. Not because I am too religious, but I like the way it’s done when there was nothing around. I don’t think today, with so many facilities, the architects would be able to replicate any of them.

Beaches or mountains?

Mountains. Any day.

Which hill town do you like in India?

In India, I like Dharamshala. It’s very beautiful and scenic. And, being a Chikmagalur girl, I think Chikmagalur is very beautiful when it comes to hill stations and there are lot of places to explore around.

Which is your dream destination?

Vegas. I have heard a lot about the place, that it is very happening and full of fun. So, I have always wished to go there.

Image courtesy: ©Veda Krishnamurthy/Facebook

Do you ever think of taking a break from travel?

I wouldn’t say that I would like to take a break from travel, because that is something which I really like, so, I mean it is fine, as long as you get to see new places. That’s something I enjoy the most.

Any advice to people on travel?

You should go when you like to. You just need a good set of people who you can enjoy along. You need enthusiastic people who are ready to go and explore the places.