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Feel like a local on arrival in Skåne, Sweden

Stroll through the picturesque towns of Skåne
Image courtesy: Apelöga

Skåne is Sweden’s unexplored gem of a destination. It is known for offering the traveller a unique immersive experience — from taking part in community activities like a true local, celebrating midsummer festivals to enjoying a glass of apple cider in the local pub. Partake of famed southern Swedish hospitality and join in festivals to get a feel of the local lifestyle.


Best options from India: 

Air India has a direct flight from Delhi to Stockholm and Delhi to Copenhagen. Other major European airlines also connect to these two international airports with a stopover.

From Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, you can take a 50-min domestic connecting flight to the city of Malmö in Skåne; a 20-min train journey on the famed Oresund bridge separates it from Copenhagen International Airport.

Best time to go: May for the rolling canola fields in full bloom; June to August for the glorious summer; autumn for the apple season; and winter for snow adventures and the Christmas markets. The Midsummer Festival is always the last Friday in June.


Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in Skåne
Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in Skåne
Image courtesy: Mickael Tannus

Roam Free

Part of the immersive experience, Allemansrätten, the right of public access to the countryside ( gives visitors the freedom to swim in lakes or to walk, cycle and even pitch a tent on any land with some exceptions, such as private dwellings. Visitors are just as free and welcome to access different parts of Skåne as its residents. With this freedom, one can really commune with nature and dive deep into the local way of life. To know more about the rights, responsibilities and rules, visit

Feel the Pulse of Vibrant Cities

Strolling is one of the best ways to experience the pretty cities and beautiful outdoors in Skåne. Some of the best cities for long walks include Malmö, often called “the city of parks” and café lights, Lund and its sprawling universities and vibrant ambience, Helsingborg with its mix of the ancient and modern, the coastal Ystad with its sights that brim with movie-location charm and the historic city of Kristianstad and its biosphere reserve. The combination of intricate architecture and green open spaces makes strolling most enjoyable.

Dominating the scene is Metropolitan Malmö, defined by its cosmopolitan culture yet staying true to its traditions. Sweden’s third-largest city is a place where the old meets the new – from its proud castles and picturesque squares Stortorget and LillaTorget, in the heart of GamlaStaden (the ‘Old Town’), to the cosmopolitan promenades of VästraHamnen’s vibrant redeveloped waterfront. Get on your bicycle and explore the beaches, parks and promenades of Malmö where the locals gather – there are cycle paths everywhere for added convenience.

You can also experience the full range of Swedish gastronomy in Malmö—from quick street snacks to seven-course meals at Michelin restaurants. Here, Nordic cuisine meets global influences to create a unique blend of traditional and modern cuisine.

Outdoor adventures: paddling in Rönneå
Outdoor adventures: paddling in Rönneå
Image courtesy: Johan Hammar

Make Nature Your Playground

There are plenty of activities to choose from to get close to nature in Skåne – from fishing, camping, biking, kayaking, swimming to visiting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. And in the absence of restrictive fences and boundaries, visitors are free to swim the waters or camp under starry skies – experiencing nature in its rawest forms.

The Skåneleden trail features more than 1000km of groomed walking trails, broken down into five sub-trails with a total of 89 sections. It’s up hill and down dale, alongside babbling brooks, through golden fields past sparkling lakes into green forests, charming medieval villages and onto sandy shores! Fulltofta is the largest recreational area in Skåne with 10 different hiking tracks (

Rönneå river, is a popular canoeing destination that offers varied landscapes from dense wooded areas to farmlands by the river, making it a family friendly spot. Staying options include cabins and hotels or camping with your own tent.

Skånes Djurpark, is the largest zoo in the region with over a thousand wild and tame Nordic animals. Enjoy a picnic and get familiar with elks, foxes or cuddle a furry friend in the petting area (

Skåne’s forests and lakes offer options for hiking, swimming, fishing, boating and camping. For amazing camping experiences, choose from Ringsjöstrand (Skåne’s second biggest lake) or the campsite at Jägersboor or try out living in a cave at Grottbyn.

Glimmingehus Castle, a medieval manor
Glimmingehus Castle, a medieval manor
Image courtesy: Birger Lallo

Explore Swedish Culture & History

Skåne offers an amazing opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and culture of the region; whether this means imbibing the Viking lifestyle, staying like a royal in a medieval castle, or inspiring your inner creativity at the galleries and contemporary art museums. Archaeology buffs can find and take back their own little slice of history – you can find fossils everywhere from old trees to dinosaur remains.

Lunds domkyrka is a magnificent twin-towered Romanesque cathedral with a marvellous astronomical clock. Next to the church is Kulturen, a 19th century huge open-air museum opened in 1892.

Fotevikens Museum is a historic site in Falsterbo Peninsula with a reconstructed Viking Age village.

Trelleborgen is a 9th-century Viking ring fortress, off Bryggaregatan (just west of the town centre), with a Viking farm.

Ales Stenar/Ales Stones is an intriguing attraction and Sweden’s largest stone-ship setting, gorgeously located on a grassy knoll.

Glimmingehus Castle offers a unique experience that will bring the visitor close to the exciting history of the past. Spend a night here, listen to ghost stories and local folklore, visit the medieval kitchen and museum.

The apple cider in Skåne is incomparable
The apple cider in Skåne is incomparable
Image courtesy: Carolina Romare

Taste the Real Flavours of Skåne

Locals in Skåne have rediscovered the virtues of their own pantry and visitors are encouraged to join their intense passion for seasonal, home-grown ingredients.

Discover the unique food traditions of Skåne including the spettekaka (cake on a spit or skewer), eel feasts, roast goose dinners, egg cake and marinated herring. Many restaurants feature staff dressed in traditional costume for that added ambience. Modern cuisine in Skåne showcases local produce, blending traditional techniques and contemporary experimentation.

Food lovers can sample the local way of life by shopping at the fascinating market halls and farm shops for some of the best organic ingredients including fresh meat, fish, vegetables, breads and much more.

There are plenty of microbreweries and distilleries to visit for craft beer enthusiasts and vodka lovers. If you’re looking for something lighter, don’t miss out on the apple cider tasting and visits to apple orchards at Kivik. Enjoy wine-tasting tours, winemaking courses and even help harvest grapes during the harvest festival.

Bloom in the park, Pildammsparken, Malmö is a no-menu restaurant where dishes are created using the season’s produce and the day’s best.

Villa Strandvägen is a 19th-century charming villa in coastal Ystad offering seasonal produce and beautiful ambience.

Sofiero and Häckeberga are medieval castles where you can dine like royalty for a night.

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