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Hang off the cliff in Sandhan Valley

Image courtesy: ©Shibani Gharat

Maharashtra is attracting all adventure seekers to its small town of Ahmednagar for a trek trip to Sandhan valley.

Sandhan valley, a ridge formed between two mountains of Sayhadri range in Western Ghats, makes for an ideal mid-level trekking destination. The valley, which, at points is about 15 ft wide and 200 ft deep, is also called the Valley of shadows as the sunlight plays hide and seek.

Trekking and rappelling in the valley is increasingly becoming popular among tourists and adventure lovers.

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Generally, including the surrounding areas and turning it to a two-day trek, it starts from village Samrad on the first day, covering the beautiful Ratangad Fort from Amruteshwar Temple and next day heading down the Sandhan Valley.

The whole trek may take about 4-5 hours for about 300 m descend from start to its end in Karoli ghat.


Image courtesy: ©Shibani Gharat

Adrenaline rush comes in staying at accommodation camps that are seen hanging down from the top of the ridge into the valley.

Photographers find a delight in capturing the play of light and shadow as well as massiveness of the ridge.