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Revive your cultural connect at ‘The Festival of Bharat’

Image courtesy: ©Dietmar Temps/Shutterstock

The stage is set for music, dance, debates and fashion at the Festival of Bharat (FoB), which promises to expound India’s rich philosophical systems, her vibrant customs and her art. It will bring global travellers together to experience India’s ancient traditions of civilised debate, her myriad cuisines, her optimism, her playfulness and her boundless love.

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From a flea market and exhibition, to indulgence in a panoply of the most delectable and nutritious Ayurvedic cuisines; from mass yoga and meditation sessions, to group explorations of Vedanta and unknown scientific wisdom; and from some of the world’s most spine-tingling music to engagement in the most scintillating debate and dialogue, The Festival of Bharat is a one-stop annual meeting point for the fun, the liberated, and the discerning.

The six-day multi-event festival has begun today at IGNCA, Rajpath, New Delhi, and will go on till 14th May. For more information visit