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Ten refreshing drinks to cool down this summer

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Mercury levels soar high with each passing minute, making days hotter and unbearable. Let the heat not tire you down this summer. These exotic and refreshing drinks can be easily made at home for the family to enjoy a good time together.


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Mint Iced Tea- Nothing beats the heat like a mint flavoured iced-tea.

Image courtesy: ©Mukesh Kumar/

Aam Panna- This desi drink with its blend of raw mango and lime juice with a dusting of masala pack a punch.

Image courtesy: ©Geetha Sridhar

More- South India’s probiotic offering is a swish of light yoghurt, teased with ginger and hing with a dressing of curry leaves.

Image courtesy: ©Ruslan Mitin/

Mint Drink- A light lemon, cucumber and mint drink is an ideal thirst quencher.

Image courtesy: ©MaratDaminov/

Curacao- Throw in a cool blue cocktail of curacao for summer evening parties.

Image courtesy: ©Ariyani Tedjo/

Orange and Mango Mocktail- Make mango your own this summer with a mocktail of mango and orange juice, mint and coat the glass-rim with gunpowder.

Image courtesy: ©Teri Virbickis/

Margarita- Tequila, cointreau with a lime wedge makes the perfect Margarita.

Image courtesy: ©Brent Hofacker/

Pimms- Try this English summer drink with its mild liqueur, lemon juice and loads of ice and strawberries, cucumbers and mint.

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Sol Kadi- Go tangy the Konkan way with this creamy drink of kokum, coconut milk, hing, green chilli and rock salt.

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Watermelon Smoothie- Play around with this season’s watermelon juice for a variety of refreshing drinks.