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Best ways to enjoy the mango season

Image courtesy: ©Matt Munro/Lonely Planet

India’s most loved ‘king of fruits’, Mango, is the best thing to happen in the hot summer seasons. Apart from relishing the fruit raw, there are many ways of savouring it to tickle the taste buds. Mango, which has already made its way to the household refrigerators, can be enjoyed in various ways.

Mango Mousse


Image courtesy: ©Geetha Sridhar

Whip up your batch of pulpy mangoes to a mousse for your sweet cravings.

Mango Delight

Image courtesy: ©Sanminder Kaur

Chop your favourite fruit into little pieces and enjoy in a vanilla ice cream. Top it with chocolate dust, cherries, nuts, dry fruits and chocolate syrup.

Mango Lassi

Image courtesy: ©Geetha Sridhar

India’s mango and yoghurt answer to the smoothie is a hard to resist summer drink.

Vadu Manga

Image courtesy: ©Padmaja Venket Ram

These tiny raw mangoes are a summer pickle staple in south India.

Cheese Cake

Image courtesy: ©Gitanjali Lal

Fresh mangoes top this chilled cheesecake for a great summer dessert.

Mango Jam

Image courtesy: ©Shweta Andrews

Ripe and luscious mangoes are cooked to a pulp with sugar and spices to prepare this seasonal jam.