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Mahabaleshwar- a scenic getaway

Feel no boundaries in Mahabaleshwar
Image courtesy: ©Chetan Pawar/Lonely Planet

Nature’s bounty waits at Mahabaleshwar. Its green mountains and red earth, beautiful lakes and pleasant weather, have made this hill station a hit with holidaymakers and honeymooning couples. The best thing about the hill station of Mahabaleshwar is the jaw-dropping mountain scenery made by the Western Ghats, on the road to get here. It falls within comfortable travel distance from major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, and even Goa, thus making it a hot tourist spot.

Mahabaleshwar’s sprawling vista of lakes, hills, waterfalls, fragrant red soil and pleasant weather make it ideal for a tranquil getaway. Take a quiet walk along one of the many winding roads and enjoy the lovely misty weather. Or visit a strawberry farm and pick your own fruits.

The place has something for everyone. For those who prefer activities to lazing around, options include trekking, a visit to a waterfall, or a jeep tour of Mahabaleshwar’s famous ‘points’ that show off majestic valleys, hills and waterfalls.

For bazaar fanatics, the long main market is a fun hangout. It is buzzing with tourists tempted to purchase souvenirs, wooden novelty items, Kolhapuri chappals, crochet items, bags and more. Take a break from shopping and indulge in some of Mahabaleshwar’s famous strawberry and cream.

Strawberry Farm Visit

Take a walk through strawberry and mulberry farms, sampling the ripe fruit straight from the bushes. Many farms are open to the public for free. These farms are all in a row and a short distance from the popular Venna Lake. After a walk in the farm, sit back at the farm’s restaurant and indulge in some fresh strawberry ice-cream or a full meal if you like.

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Venna Lake


Lakes in Mahabaleshwar attract major number of tourists
Lakes in Mahabaleshwar attract major number of tourists
Image courtesy: ©Naren V/500px

One of the more popular attractions in Mahabaleshwar, the Venna Lake, usually has many tourists visiting on the weekends. Stroll around the beautiful lake or take a boat ride. You can also just sit by the lake at sunset and munch on fresh carrots, strawberries and hot corn on the cob being sold around the lake.

Lingmala Falls

The majestic Lingmala Falls can be viewed in full glory between July and November when Mahabaleshwar receives its share of downpours. The gushing water over the cliffs and misty spray in the clean mountain air makes for an unforgettable experience. Just a few kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar the falls are well worth the visit.

Hill Top Views

There are numerous clifftops and points in Mahabaleshwar to visit. Many are named after the British officers and residents of pre-Independence days, like Wilson Point, Arthur’s Seat and Kate’s Point. Bombay Point is particularly popular as a sunset viewing point. Stand back and savour spectacular views of mountains, open skies, misty clouds and waterfalls. Almost all the hotels in Mahabaleshwar offer packages to these locations. Hire a vehicle or drive your own car to these points and explore Mahabaleshwar in your own time.