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A short getaway to Neemrana

Experience the grandeur of the Neemrana Fort Palace
Image courtesy: ©Shutterstock/ Murray Clarkson

Situated atop the rugged plateau of Aravalli Hills, the Neemrana Fort Palace is a treasure trove of history, mystery, adventure, and splendid scenery. Journey back into time by watching different palaces used by royal family members, walk to the famous step well which was used by royal family members. Also stroll through the village and observe houses, fields, local crafts and temples.

On a full-day day excursion, head to the historical town of Neemrana, located approximately 122 km away from Delhi. The village life here is worth observing. The local craft of the village has been kept alive since many generations. Visit the fascinating 100-step step well, which was used as caravan serai and to store water.

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Later, witness the grandeur of Neemrana Fort Palace, located on a rocky outcrop just above an unspoiled town. Dating back to the year 1464, this sprawling complex spread over 6 acres on the arid landscape of Aravallis, is marvellous.

A multi-level fort with concealed courtyards and terraces, meandering corridors, rich Rajput designs and architecture, it was converted into a luxurious heritage hotel in 1986 after extensive restoration and reconstruction.

For adventure lovers, a thrilling experience of zip-lining, flying above the fort’s bastion, awaits at Neemrana. Indulge in this aerial adventure as you travel above the green landscape, or you may choose to relax in the serene fort set against the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills or explore its various charms–great Indian artefacts and furniture. Extend the stay with spending a night at the hotel for an enriching and relaxing heritage experience.

Tip: Make advance bookings for the adventure activities as well as stay, as last minute availability may be an issue. Know more at their website.