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Divya Dutta talks about her love for travel

Image courtesy: ©Jagran Film Festival

Establishing a successful career in Bollywood and Punjabi cinema, Divya Dutta has won many hearts as an actor. But only some know of her off-screen personality as a travel enthusiast. Born and raised in Punjab’s Ludhiana city, Dutta’s love for food is also incredible. Here’s a tête-à-tête with the actor at the recent Jagran Film Festival, held in New Delhi.

Please tell us about the last place you’ve visited?

I’ve just come back from this beautiful place called Pawna, right next to Lonavala, on the outskirts of Mumbai. I think it’s very important for us to touch base with nature. We were at a hill top, overlooking a river, so, waking up to mountains, to the chirping birds, jumping into the water, swimming, and just doing nothing, that thing of nothingness is just beautiful.

Do you usually carry back any souvenirs?

Not really. I’m the kind of traveller who likes to absorb that moment, just bring it back with me.

Who’s your favourite travel partner?

Earlier it was my mother, because we loved travelling together. Now, either I take my brother or I travel alone. Or, if my friends are there, then with the group.

Beaches or hills?

Absolutely hills!

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What is your favourite Punjabi dish?

Butter Chicken. Any time!

Best cities in Punjab that you would recommend our travellers to visit?

Amritsar- for the Golden Temple and food.

Ludhiana onwards there are some lovely food places, where one can hangout.

Nilon used to be my very favourite picnic spot. There are some amazing childhood memories associated with the place. We used to just hire a boat and have moonlight dinner. I would love to go there again whenever I can.

Patiala- I love the Neemrana, it’s beautiful being there.

Describe travel in three words…

Discovering, Enjoying, Satiating.

What does your travel kit generally carry?

I am motion sick, so I need that medicine for sure. Then I need sun tan cream, mosquito repellent, first aids, basic munchies, good music. If driving, I need my car to be sorted well.