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Tips for travelling plastic-free

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Travel anywhere and you’ll see the impact our plastic habits have had on the world’s landscapes and oceans. Beth Terry, creator My Plastic Free Life, offers some suggestions for adopting a plastic-free travel style.

-Take a reusable bottle of water. Bring it through security empty and fill it up in the departure lounge. If you bring a double-walled container you can also use this for hot drinks both on the plane and on the ground.

-Bring your own food and utensils to avoid using the throwaway items commonly used on aircraft. Chances are it’ll taste a lot better, and you can eat at times that suit you too. Pillows and blankets often get thrown away by airlines, so again, bring your own and travel with layers of clothing for varying temperatures. Your own headphones often work better than the ones you’re given on a plane.

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-If you pack tea and coffee, you won’t need to use the pods offered in hotels. Toiletries in solid form will also last a trip and beyond. Those food containers you used on the plane can be useful for leftovers or any takeaway food items.

-Do your homework so that when you’re on the ground somewhere new, you’re clued up about local recycling and other waste disposal schemes. That said, a better approach is to avoid using single-use disposable items in the first place. Canvas shopping bags are easy to carry and versatile, and can carry anything you need for the day.

Remember: You’re a responsible citizen in your own neighbourhood, so you should be a responsible citizen in the place you’re visiting. You’re in someone else’s home. Be a good guest.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.