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All you need to know about the Mumbai-Goa cruise

Travelling between Mumbai and Goa just got fancier
Image courtesy: ©Angriya

Getting from Mumbai to Goa just got a bit fancier. The country’s first domestic luxury cruise ship, Angriya, now runs along the Konkan coast connecting the two places and it is stylish all along. Here’s what you need to know before you board.

How long will I be on sea?

Embark on the trip if you have a night to spare. The cruise leaves from Mumbai’s Purple Gate at Princess Dock in Mazagaon at 4pm and reaches Mormugao in Goa at 9 am. The return journey from Goa follows the same timings. It can accommodate 350 people and runs four times a week.

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Will I get bored?


Image courtesy: ©Angriya

We don’t think so. There are plenty of things for you to do on board so that you don’t get bored for even a minute. There’s a spa, infinity pool, three gorgeous decks, a reading room and a picture gallery. The spa offers basic therapies and it is a perfect way to unwind after a long day. There is also a reading and recreation room, a discotheque and a 24-hour coffee shop. The good part is there’s no Wi-Fi so that you don’t waste time focusing on a screen.

What about my room?

Image courtesy: ©Angriya

On offer are eight different kinds of room ranging from couple rooms, family rooms and luxury pods to bunk rooms and dorms. Of course each one varies in price. This ship was built in Japan, so you might stumble across bits of Japan in your rooms such as switches or furniture. In some toilets, even the seat is Japanese.

Will I be fed well?

Image courtesy: ©Angriya

Well, we all love to wine and dine and we are happy that Angriya has put a lot of focus on the ‘wine’ part by including six bars on board. Two of the bars- Sea Horse and Sorro Di- are part of the Fathom Lounge, while ‘Goaf’ is on the pool deck.
When it comes to food choose from Continental, Italian, Chinese to Konkani dishes. For dinner, there are buffet meals on offer in the two restaurants Ancora and Coral Reef. Ancora turns into a 24-hour coffee shop after dinner if you are craving for something at midnight.

Finally, will it burn a hole in my pocket?

Not at all. The prices start from Rs. 4,300 for the dorm but there is an additional Rs. 2000 charge per person for meals that include high tea, dinner and breakfast. It will of course cost you more if you choose a fancier room. You can make the reservation online on their website