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19 travel resolutions for 2019

Who's up for a year of travel in 2019!
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It is that time of the year when you ring out the old and ring in the new. New Year resolutions are pretty much a part of this tradition. As avid travellers, here are 19 travel resolutions that you might want to consider adding to your list. They are bound to make your travel in 2019 wholesome, fun and responsible.

1- Use the long weekends of 2019

With the 2019 calendar out at your workplace, you can plan your weekends well in advance. Mark your calendars, research your destinations and book your tickets. Early bookings guarantee you savings. With a firmed up plan, you will have something to look forward to every month-making your regular routine so much more fun.

2- Explore your own backyard

Most of us are guilty for not having explored our own city. Being a tourist in your own city allows you to know it much better. Visit that hidden temple around the corner or sign up for a walking tour. Better still, be a good host and accompany your guests to the touristy places you might have ignored earlier. You will be surprised with what you discover in your own backyard.

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3- Visit a place again to find a hidden gem


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There are always places that you have ticked off your list-just because you might have seen them once. It is likely that you may have missed the gems for lack of time. It could have also been that you landed there years ago after which a lot might have changed. Visit the same place this year to explore it in depth. There are always hidden corners that you will stumble upon-allowing you to see the same old thing in different light.

4-Try an activity outside your comfort zone

Make 2019 the year to face your fears. Pick that one activity that you wished you could do but were scared to. It could be scuba diving or walking on a skywalk 70 floors above the ground or maybe, just Hot Air Ballooning over the fields. Sign up for it and try it out. This is when you will find the world opening up to you.

5-See a place with your eyes than your lens

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In a quest for those Instagram pictures, we forget to enjoy the place through our eyes. Thus all you remember is what’s in the picture. Keep aside the lenses for a bit and sit to enjoy the scent of the wet sand and the sounds of birds hidden behind trees. Breathe in the fresh air and capture all that you see in your heart.

6-Learn some local phrases

Spend some time with the local community. Talk to them, play with the kids, partake a meal or two and discover their local traditions. Along the way, learn a few local phrases that can help you make your way around in that town. The engagement with the locals is bound to make your travel more memorable.

7-Give back to travel

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Sign up for a volunteering assignment. A few weeks of the assignment will allow you to not just discover a new place but also allow you to give back to travel. Encouraging the local artisans with your purchases or keeping a place garbage-free when you visit it are some other ways of a responsible travel.

8-Add the fitness element when you travel

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Be it Yoga by the beach or a run through the city – pick a fitness routine that suits you when on the move. Hit the local gyms or participate in a sport. The fitness regime will keep you energized and ready for any adventure that your travel brings along the way.

9-Learn to cook a local dish

Food tours and local restaurants maybe a part of your travel fare. However, go a step further and sign up for a local cookery class. The activity will not just allow you to learn something new but will let you experience the markets. You can bring home the very flavour that you enjoyed during holiday.

10-Head out on a cross-country road trip

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Plan a long road trip- maybe, a cross-country one. Research the border document requirements, get the required insurance, prep up your vehicle and set out to visit your neighbour. Schedule your stops to explore a new town along the way. A cross-border road trip has elements of adventure and thrill that you cannot experience when you fly over.

11-Go on a social detox

Pack your mobile and laptop but remember to leave it behind. Take a few days out in 2019 to do a social detox. Travel to a place with little or no digital connectivity so that you are forced to be off your social channels. Live the old-fashioned way where you enjoy first and share later.

12-Sleep under the stars

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Add a fairy tale touch to your travel. Pitch a tent and lie down on the cool grass to stare at the twinkling sky. The cool breeze and the sounds of the dark will treat you to an atmosphere that you have always read about but never felt.

13-Invest now for that dream trip next year

Everyone has that one expensive destination that they want to visit. Budget for yours now and start setting aside your earnings in 2019. Research on investment tools that will bring that dream destination close to you, possibly as close as 2020.

14-Take a solo trip

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Solo trips are not just about adventure and travel. They are a perfect way to rediscover yourself. Plan at least one solo travel this year. You will be surprised how new you feel om returning.

15-Spot a threatened species

Pack your binoculars and head to your favourite wildlife retreat. Set out on your treks and safaris till you have spotted that one rare creature whose very existence has been threatened! The journey that you undertake is bound to bring several beautiful encounters.

16-Explore locally by foot or a cycle

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Gear up with those flat or hiking shoes and set out on your own trail to discover a destination. If you enjoy a bit of pedal, hire a bicycle. Stop by at the local shops to see their wares. Grab a meal or two at one of the street vendors. Uncover hidden gems on the trail as you speak to the owners. A walking or a cycling tour allows you to see a lot of unseen.

17-Make a Plastic-Free Trip

Start by using a lot of cloth bags and recyclable paper bags to pack your things. Carry your water in your own flask and refill it at a café or restaurant. Don’t buy anything that is wrapped in plastic. Opt for fresh meals on glass or steel plates. This resolution is a small step towards responsible travel.

18-Experience one local festival

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Travel to a destination renowned for its local festival- maybe the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad or the Hemis Festival in Ladakh. Enjoy the celebratory meals while you experience the local music and dances. 2019 is full of such celebrations- just go ahead and pick one!

19-Make 2019 the year to do that one thing you always wanted to

Last but not the least – make this year the time to do that one thing that you always wanted to when you travel. It could be as crazy as wanting to feel the breeze while peeking out your car sunroof or dancing under the waterfalls when you are out on a trek. Let go of your inhibitions and live your travel to the fullest. After all, that is when you make memories for life.

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