Classic honeymoon fails and how to avoid them

Image courtesy: ©Evgeny Subbotsky/Shutterstock

That beautiful beach and just you and your newly betrothed. Bliss, right? Hopefully. But honeymoons are surprisingly easy to get wrong. Here’s how to get off to a long life together on the right track.

Plan together

It’s tempting for one of you to take on planning the honeymoon while the other books the band and caterer. Plan together and you’re more likely to get what you both want from the trip.

Beach blues

Organising a wedding can be stressful. While the idea of flopping on a beach might appeal, it may prove harder to switch off than if you start with something urban or active for a few days to wind down. That said a little luxury to start things off rarely strikes the wrong note.

Go for your dream honeymoon

If you’ve always dreamed of lemur-spotting in Madagascar or kayaking in Alaska together then you’ve got the perfect excuse to go. Just because the beach break is the stereotypical honeymoon doesn’t mean it is right for you.

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Travel as a gift

Friends love to contribute to your honeymoon in lieu of a toaster or set of teaspoons. Many travel companies – and some dedicated services – offer wedding registries that make great alternative gifts.

Once you’re away

Adopting a new surname post-wedding? Make sure any bookings you make before getting hitched match the name on your passport.

An upgrade or two?

OK, so most honeymoons aren’t paved with endless upgrades, but dropping into conversations at airport and hotel check-in desks, and in fact most places offering you a service is a good idea. You’re only on honeymoon once – you might just find it opens a door or two, or gets something additional thrown in along the way.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.