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Things an airline pilot knows about travel

Air travel can get more interesting with a few tips
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An airplane pilot knows quite a bit more than the passengers when it comes to travel. Learn these smart tricks before boarding for your next trip.

Pack smart

A large part of my job is about routine, and packing is no different. I have individual positions for each important item in my carry-on bag (passport, wallet, phone etc) so I know where to find it and, more importantly, whether it’s missing.

Pick your timings

If travelling a primarily north or south long-haul route with few or no time zone changes, I highly recommend a daylight flight that departs in the morning. You’ll arrive in the evening and have a good night’s rest upon arrival, waking up fresh the next day. Doing the same flight overnight is a different story.

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Be prepared

In the very unlikely event of an emergency, you need to be mobile and ready for anything. There’s nothing wrong with taking your shoes off and changing mid-flight, but during take-off and landing always wear long pants and a good pair of shoes.

Stay hydrated

I don’t leave home without lip balm: cracked lips and long flights go hand in hand. For long-haul flights I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration, not just during but before and after the flight. So avoid caffeinated drinks, as well as alcohol.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.