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Tips for your first ever digital detox

Leave your digital life behind on the next holiday
Image courtesy: ©Ekaterina Abramova/EyeEm/Getty Images

Travel and holidays are the perfect time to switch off from work and other pressures. You can’t fully immerse yourself in a destination when you’re being pulled back to your device every few seconds. And if you’re distracted, you’re less likely to enjoy yourself.

The benefits of switching off are likely to include better sleep, more focus, better concentration and even happiness. And we’re not talking about switching off altogether, just making sure you use your devices in a smart way.

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Start by moving social media apps and messaging services that consume your time or attention like work email either off your home screen, or off your phone altogether. Next, consider leaving your phone at home while you’re out exploring or having dinner. Don’t worry about not having a camera all the time – moments can be more memorable if you focus on them, rather than trying to capture them.

Consider getting a non-smartphone for trips. A non-internet enabled phone that takes calls and texts is also less attractive to thieves, and will keep your mind on where you are while still leaving you contactable.

You’re not going to miss out. Everyone who’s been on a digital detox trip said they felt like they missed nothing. The secret is to try ditching your device – the fear is really of what might happen.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.