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Five tips for travelling light

Essential packing tips to become a pro!
Image courtesy: ©sebra/Shutterstock

We all love to travel with minimum baggage possible, but necessities cannot be avoided. Here are some tips on how you can travel light without missing on the requirements.

-There’s only one real ‘secret’ to travelling light: a proper personal packing list. It’s a contract you make with yourself, a personal pledge that you will never pack anything that isn’t on your list. And for most people, such a list needn’t include more items than will fit in a single, carry-on bag and is able to accommodate destinations ranging from India to Inuvik.

‑ Learn about luggage. Most bags on the market are designed to sell easily, rather than facilitate lightweight travel. So learn about design (shapes, configurations) and construction (fabrics, zippers). You may even discover that the primary function of a wheeled bag is to support itself, not efficiently transport anyone’s belongings!

-Avoid liquids; they are the bane of the light traveller. Liquids (and gels) are heavy, bulky, prone to leakage (particularly on planes), and suspicious to security. Did I mention heavy?

-Do some laundry. This needn’t be onerous: done properly, and regularly, it should be more like brushing your teeth. With the right gear (travel clothes line, powder detergent, universal sink stopper), three pairs of underwear will take you anywhere.

-Coordinate your colours. An excellent way to derive maximum use from a modest amount of clothing is to ensure that every item goes with every other one.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.