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In pics: Special food items during Holi

Image courtesy: ©Indian Food Images/

When we talk about festivals in India, due attention must also be given to the wide variety of scrumptious food available during this time. The riot of colours, Holi, is no different. Here we venture a look at all the food items that make Holi so special, and why we remember it for more than just its colours.

A mix of savouries and sweets, our top picks of delicious Holi food items are listed below in pictures:


The food during Holi is one of the most interesting and awaited throughout the year and gujiya tops the list. Gujiyas are made of maida and carefully filled with just the right amount of khoya, dryfruit and coconut shredding. It’s a sweet delicacy made only during Holi festival.

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Image courtesy: ©Indian Food Images/

The perennial favourite malpua (crisp pancakes coated with sugar syrup), is a treat for the occasion of Holi, especially in the Braj region.

Puran Poli

Image courtesy: ©vm2002/

Crusty and ghee-laced puran poli makes for a special sweet on the occasion.


Image courtesy: ©Pooh0405/

Thandai is the perfect festive drink during Holi

Puri Aloo

Image courtesy: ©Shutterstock/Indian Food Images

Deep friend crispy puris with a spicy serving of aloo subji is a favourite savoury on the day of Holi.

Malai Peda

Image courtesy: ©AmiNiravTank/

Malai peda is simple goodness – a doughball of sweet cream, usually with a pinch of saffron (kesar) or cardamom – while ‘special’ peda may be filled with almonds and cashews.

Papdi Chaat

Image courtesy: ©Mukesh Kumar/

Another item not to be missed is Papdi chaat. Though this dish may be very common today, it pricks tastebuds during Holi.

Bhang Kulfi

Image courtesy: ©Shutterstock/

Consumption of bhang (prepared from cannabis) in the kulfi is a common practice on Holi.


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Gulp it all down with a generous serving of sweet or salted Lassi.

Do not miss these dishes on the day of Holi as the festival is incomplete without them.