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Top tips for family fun while travelling

Make you holiday with family a happy one.
Image courtesy: ©Walter Zerla/Getty Images

Travelling with kids can be a stressful experience, but a little advance planning goes a long way towards making a happy holiday.

Know your audience

Understand what everyone in your family likes to do on holiday and create a plan around that. A ‘boring’ city break can be made into a great adventure if you find a brilliant playground near your apartment and don’t stint on the ice cream.

Factor in down time

Trying to cram too much in is a sure fire way to make the family tensions rise so make sure each day has time for everyone to breathe out. If you’re going multi-generational, set the parameters early: not everyone has to do everything together all the time. Your teens will thank you for this.

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Always carry snacks

You never know when you will be delayed, get stuck in a long queue, lose your wallet, miss the local restaurant’s lunch time window. You can get through most things if you have snacks and water.

Get involved

The best thing about a family trip is the chance to spend time together without the pressures of daily life, so make the most of it. Play games, read about your destination together, try new things, and write a diary together. Have fun, together. You’re making the memories which will stay with you all for a lifetime.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.