Off to Fiji for a family holiday

Fiji has a rich culture
Image courtesy: ©Tourism Fiji

As we settle in on our summer, Fiji islands in South Pacific Ocean fade into their winter while sustaining their tropical sunshine and humid breeze. This makes the touristy islands of Fiji an ideal destination for family vacations. Families travelling with infants, young kids or teens have enough and more to do in this tropical paradise. From craft making, easy water adventures to activities in the clubs; every day is a new experience for your loved one here.

In resorts

Viti Levu, Fiji’s biggest island is home to some of the world’s best resorts. Apart from excellent hospitality, these resorts (and more across the other islands) understand that every traveller has their own set of expectations and requirements. Hence they have separate sections for adults only, and families within resorts. Take Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa in Denarau Island in Nadi, for instance, who have a 1000 square-metre swimming pool stretching across the heart of the property for families. To add to this, partial ocean or resort-facing family rooms are available. There are special kiddie rooms with bunk beds and Playstation 3 connected to a television to keep them entertained.

A little further away in Natadola Bay is Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa who go out of their way to make your holiday special. Their Planet Trekkers Kids Club is designed for 4-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds, who have various activities and games at their disposal. The club keeps them engaged for four-hours, with meals. Younger guests, below 4 years, are welcomed too in the presence of a resort nanny. Additionally babysitting or nanny services are available for a minimum of three hours, at an extra cost. For teenagers, Planet Trekkers has outdoor activities like beach football, rugby, volleyball and more. Their outdoor family pool has ankle-deep water where infants are encouraged to splash away.

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In the outdoors


Your toddlers will enjoy being in the clear waters
Your toddlers will enjoy being in the clear waters
Image courtesy: ©Mark Snyder/Tourism Fiji

In Viti Levu’s southwestern part, Ecotrax is a different experience to explore Fiji’s forests to coast. There are electric carriages that run on batteries powered by the modified bikes’ pedals. Each vehicle can accommodate two adults on the two mounted bikes and a child, another adult or a disabled person who can be seated behind. The primary idea behind an Ecotrax experience has been to create an opportunity for the entire family or group to explore this stretch of Fiji as one—without exhaustion (no cycling is involved and guests can admire the scenery around as they move ahead).

Ecotrax tours depart from a 100-year old sugarcane factory, Loco Shed. It continues through river crossings surrounded by dense mangroves, quiet villages, green rainforests, tracks flanked by big rocks and a tunnel created by flowers, before concluding in a beach. Here guests stop for refreshments, a swim or a snorkel—depending upon tide. Make your way back with your family to Loco Shed.

If your family is interested in more leisurely activities, dolphin watching in Taveuni Island, Fiji’s third largest island is very rewarding. Book a boat excursion with either Taveuni Island Resort or Taveuni Palms to head onto Taveuni’s horizon where pods of dolphins, whales, manta rays and schools of other fish are seen. 

A slice of culture

It's a delight to see the Meke performance
It's a delight to see the Meke performance
Image courtesy: ©Chris McLennan/Tourism Fiji

Flavours of Fiji in Denarau Island, Viti Levu has many cooking classes through the week, where you make an authentic Fijian meal with your loved ones. Begin with handpicking fresh, seasonal ingredients and products from a local market, followed by hands-on cooking. Flavours of Fiji design their classes in such a way that people across different ages and expertise can learn, participate and enjoy. This one is ideal for children who are creative and curious about food.

Also on the mainland, village visits comprising traditional dance performances, or Meke, should not be missed. This performance art of song and dance dates back to the 1800s. Groups of either men or women perform the traditional dance—each of which tell legends and tales. In Nadi’s Fiji Culture Village, guests are welcomed to join the troop of dancers once the performance concludes. Be prepared for high energy involvement!

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