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Adventure up your trip

Image courtesy: ©Anna Bryukhanova/Getty Images

Try a new approach to zing up your trip and throw up unexpected experiences

Is a destination not exciting enough for you? Adventurer and TV presenter Simon Reeve ( has some suggestions on how to add some spice to your vacation.

-Go out at night, and dawn. Exploring a new locale shouldn’t be restricted to 9 to 5. There’s always a surprise to be had watching a city after dark, or just as it’s waking up.

-Ditch the big sights and instead take pleasure in detail. Draw a circle around your home base and explore the area forensically.

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-Pore over local press. Forget international news and CNN. Nothing will immerse you in where you are like local news. If all you find is mundane then you can relish finding a rare, quiet part of the world.

-Camp. Even better, wild camp. It heightens your senses and brings you into closer contact with your surroundings.

-Travel randomly. Flip a coin at intersections and follow your nose.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.