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How to be a woman travelling alone

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The idea of going it alone on a big trip is daunting for anyone and perhaps more so for women, for whom safety issues can be more of a concern. Don’t let this put you off. Travelling solo, whatever your gender, opens up a whole world of new experiences as you navigate situations on your own, forge unusual friendships and basically do whatever you want whenever you want. Empowering as it might be, however, it’s worth bearing the following tips in mind to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

­-Plan ahead, so you know what you should be wearing, so you avoid arriving in a new place late at night, so you always have enough money on you, and so on.

-Read up on what is culturally acceptable and what is not. This way you avoid drawing attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons.

-Having done your reading, use the same safety rules you do at home and trust your instinct: if you are comfortable you know what’s happening, nothing beats female instinct for keeping you safe.

-Know why you have decided to travel alone and be happy with that decision as this will help you with the many hundreds of decisions you’ll make on your trip, from where you go to who you decide to engage with. And take that positive mindset with you: it will open so many doors.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.