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These are the best-value destinations for an affordable adventure in 2020

Image courtesy: ©Aris Winahyu Budi Raharjo/Shutterstock

Want to plan a trip where you get the most bang for your buck? Look no further than Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel top 10 best-value destinations for 2020.

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Travellers who look past Bali will be rewarded with the thinner crowds in East Nusa Tenggara. These islands still offer up pristine beaches as well as great diving – and with more independent travellers and a “lower-key scene”, these islands will also offer up deals for budget travellers.

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Budapest, Hungary


Image courtesy: ©Ungvari Attila/Shutterstock

This beautiful city offers up incredible experiences like thermal baths, edgy ‘ruin bars’, and amazing cafes. Soak up a glamorous European atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Madhya Pradesh, India

Image courtesy: ©Nimit Virdi/Getty Images

Ever wanted to see tigers, wild boar or langur monkeys? This state of India offers up wildlife-spotting at a lower cost than in Africa. It also boasts sites like Khajuraho’s temples with fewer crowds than neighbouring Rajasthan.

Buffalo, NY, USA

Image courtesy: ©Lawrence Worcester/Lonely Planet

With more budget air routes to the city, travellers can head to this city to explore the recently restored Frank Lloyd Wright houses of the Graycliff Estate and Martin House Complex, or the Children’s Museum opening in 2020. Another bonus is that Niagara Falls is just half an hour away by bus, so you can sneak in an extra day trip.


Image courtesy: ©Alexander Melnikov/500px

Azerbaijan might not be what you envision when you think European holiday, but with high-quality accommodation, food and experiences for a low-cost, you can explore a fascinating and fast-changing destination.


Image courtesy: ©e2dan/Shutterstock

Outdoor adventures, spas and wineries, ancient monasteries and more are packed into this lesser-explored European country, which will give travellers great bang for their buck.


Image courtesy: ©Leonid Andronov/Getty Images

As Tunisia woos back visitors it’s the perfect time to get a North African trip for a good value. Explore the medina of Tunis, or the ancient remains of Carthage or explore the Saharan dunes made famous in Star Wars.

Cape wine region, South Africa

Image courtesy: ©Gary Latham/Lonely Planet

Just a short way from Cape Town, travellers can explore the wineries and restaurants that line this region. Beyond the friendly exchange rate, there’s also plenty of spots for safaris and wildlife spotting.

Athens, Greece

Summer sunset over the Acropolis of Athens, with the Parthenon Temple.
Image courtesy: ©Sven Hansche/Shutterstock

It doesn’t cost a penny to admire the Acropolis or wander the history-filled streets of Athens. With a pedestrianised centre, travellers can wander around, stop off at inexpensive restaurants or head off to the beach.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Image courtesy: ©MariusLtu/Getty Images

Travellers can take a ferry from mainland Tanzania before heading off to explore the alleyways and affordable restaurants of Stone Town and on to the rest of Zanzibar. On the north and west coasts, you can stay beach-side for far less than you would for the same turquoise waters in the Caribbean or Pacific Islands.