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Top experiences in Sri Lanka

Find yourself a place located in the quiet ends of Sri Lanka
Image courtesy: ©Sielen Diva

With sunshine, smiles and the sea, explore Sri Lanka in its stunning splendour — a gem in all aspects!


Cantaloupe Levels, Unawatuna

Perched on Rumassala Hills, Cantaloupe Levels is a luxury boutique hotel to relax, rejuvenate and rekindle. The nine room intimate property is an ultimate getaway to wellness, celebrations & more. Hospitality at its best, enjoy the breath-taking view of the southern Sri Lankan coast and get a sensational view by the night too. Enjoy the chef’s passion for varied cuisines with a perfect fusion of flavours & aromas. Perched on the hill based on a legend of the Ramayana, it is also a haven for herbs and its exotic flora and fauna will take your breath away. Soak yourself in the magic of the place; with a short walk reach the Jungle Beach, Peace Pagoda & the Hanuman Temple.

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Sielen Diva, Talpe

Bask in the sea, sunshine & serenity at Sielen Diva – a 7 bedroom modern contemporary villa. Enjoy the solace and the space with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean –amidst the palm trees. The artistic rooms are a tribute to Sri Lanka’s rich and varied wildlife. Stroll by the garden, enjoy the games room, in-room massage, and energise yourself in the infinity pool. The sunshine seekers can lounge on the sunset terrace & catch the breathtakingly beautiful sunset. A beach access makes it even better and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine made with utmost perfection and care will indeed make your day. Wander to nearby destinations for –whale watching, cinnamon estates, tea tasting and more. Make a memory and an event to remember too!

Cantaloupe Aqua, Talpe

Image courtesy: ©Cantaloupe Aqua

Cantaloupe Aqua is a 13-room beach front unique boutique hotel. Ultra trendy with a magnificent view of the vast aquamarine ocean– you can truly enjoy the sea and its different shades. With a fantastic view of the turquoise ocean with every room, wake up to the ocean waves and enjoy the various splendours of the delicious Thai and Sri Lankan cuisine along with varied drinks & cocktails- by the very hospitable staff. Explore the nearby Galle Fort, Unwatuna beach and go for some snorkelling, surfing and an array of activities around.

Cantaloupe House Ahangama, Ahangama

Boutique Villa, Ahangama. Architect; Sudesh Nanayakkara
Image courtesy: ©Cantaloupe House Ahangama

An old-world charm of an exquisitely restored Walauwa (Manor house), here’s where you can reflect the 100 years gone by. With 6 artistic rooms Cantaloupe House Ahangama is an epitome of beauty in every angle. The house radiates serenity and tranquillity; lounge in the beautiful garden by the poolside and soak in the serendipity of the place. The warm hospitality and the exquisite culinary delicacies are a reflection of the traditional Sri Lankan homes. Find peace with meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic treatments while adventure seekers can explore surfing.

Bunkyard Hostels, Colombo

Image courtesy: ©Bunkyard Hostels

This fantastic hostel comes with a contemporary vibe, music and a staff eager to help and make a difference. Their innovation in upcycling and sustainability add to the perk and the different murals add to the attraction, splendour and creativity of this hostel. Opened in November 2016, the hostel consists of 3 private en-suite rooms, 1 private room with shared bathroom, 3 mixed dormitories and 1 female dormitory.

Bunkyard Hostels, Weligama

A perfect location right in front of the beach, this hostel is a delight for surfers and adventure seekers. Explore the southern coast- Mirissa, Ahangama, Midigama and many more for the perfect surf breaks. Lounge in at the porch overlooking the sea and sing along with musicality in their menu of “Grub & Bass” restaurant which offers vibrancy and wellness with every dish. Shrimply the best! At Mirissa, indulge in whale watching and its scintillating nightlife.

Gitano House, Ahangama

An oasis where you find peace, wellness, tranquillity and adventure! The 6 rooms have Moroccan, Mexican and Sri Lankan influences, the vibrancy of the lounge, dining area and the wellness delicacies- simply rejuvenate. Engage in yoga classes & surf tours which add to the soul & spontaneity of the place. Walk to ‘The Rock’ Kabalana- the best point on the coast for surfers, ride inland in a tuk tuk to reach Handunugoda Tea Estate and The Cinnamon Experience. There is a turtle sanctuary in Habaraduwa, a 5-minutes-drive away towards Galle.

Ramada, Colombo

Image courtesy: ©Ramada Colombo

Centrally located, Ramada caters to both leisure and business travellers. With utmost attention on hospitality, service, facilities and cuisine – it always aims to bring a smile, for a stay, event or a celebration. Relish the delicacies made with passion and great care in Alhambra (an Indian restaurant) and other restaurants. You’ll be welcomed by the refreshing Ambarella drink, bask in the sun by the pool or just explore Colombo’s rich history and culture blended with modernity.


Jungle beach

Walk through the protected wildlife haven of the Rumassala Hill and the meandering lanes towards a golden sandy cove with serene water, surrounded by greenery, a popular destination with locals. Enjoy and experience the small shops and more importantly the natural sweetness of the King Coconut- as you enjoy the sea, serenity and the scenery!

Japanese Peace Pagoda

The Buddhist shrine on Rumassala Hill is an epitome of peace and tranquillity. Walk around the stupa and admire the different statues of Buddha. The bell chimes, prayer flag fluttering, and sensational view of the Galle bay – all add to the perfect harmony of the place.

Galle Fort

The Galle Fort, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was first built in 1588 and is also known as the Dutch Fort. Admire the remnants of the fort -the clock tower, walls, statues and the meandering lane. The sea shining in all splendour is a witness to the rich history. Sunset is worth watching here.

Unawatuna Beach

Enjoy a spectacular day with sand, sun bath and swim at the popular Unawatuna Beach on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Laze by the sea, admire the sunset, enjoy the nightlife, or simply walk on the shore and soak in the waves. Scintillating silver waters- with sunshine, this beach is very popular and a must-go!

Surfing and Whale Watching

The waves are great for surfing
The waves are great for surfing
Image courtesy: ©Shweta Khurana

Sri Lanka is a surfer’s delight for both the experienced and the novice! A number of surf spots for all abilities-beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks are available. For the perfect surf breaks explore- Weligama, Mirissa, Kabalana.

Take an exciting tour of whale and dolphin watching. Best time to see them is November – April.


Scope Cinemas

Catch the latest movies at the old school movie theatres blended with state of the art modernity and comfort in sync with international movie goer experience. It simply raises the bar of Sri Lanka’s cinema experience.