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Tips for winter travel in India

Keep yourself winter ready!
Image courtesy: ©Shutterstock/MTS_Photo

With variations in landscapes and cultures, weather is another thing that’s not constant in the vast stretches of India. The ongoing peak cold season, especially in the North, is quite a favourite one among travellers, both domestic as well as international.

If you are planning to visit any colder region of the country for a holiday, these tips might come handy:

1-Be weather ready: Temperatures during winters drop down to less than 5 degrees Celsius in many places, especially during the night, or even to less than 0 in extremely cold places like Kashmir and Ladakh. It is advised to prepare for the extreme cold weather with sufficiently warm clothes. If you are prone to any health conditions at high altitudes, don’t forget to pack your medicines or anti-allergens.

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2-Prepare for delayed transport: Mostly, cold temperatures are accompanied with heavy fog, especially during early morning or late evening. This may cause a delay in the modes of transport- flights, trains etc.

3-Have extra time: Any kind of a delay in transport will also postpone the rest of the day’s plan. Make sure you have a breathable itinerary so there is always extra time to accommodate delays.

4-Stay updated: Again, relating to the transport delays, it is best advised to keep your electronic devices ready and handy. Carry portable charging devices so you never run out of your phone battery.

5-Carry sunscreen/moisturisers: Not many know that the ultraviolet rays are quite harmful during winters, especially at higher altitudes. Do not forget to carry a sunscreen and a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and avoid tanning.