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Top five restaurants in Delhi-NCR that focus on local produce

Image courtesy: ©AnnaMaya

Going local, for the locals is what’s trending. So the new age restaurants have taken a note of it and are embracing freshness, revitalising the rural communities. With a direct relationship with the farms the diners are also rest assured of fresh ingredients on their plates. Farm-to-table has been a perfect win-win formula for both. Ask anyone and they would agree that locally sourced fresh ingredients taste better. Here are some of the restaurants in the city who use locally produced ingredients in their meals.

Fire- The Park

Farm to fork, that’s what Fire believes in! Bringing the freshest organic and natural ingredients the brand has joined the locavore movement, the global revolution in eating. The menu is more than 80% organic, and sees the use of sustainably sourced fish, organic produce, grass-fed/free-range meats, etc. Their USP lies in giving value to local certified artisans, handmade & home-grown offerings to generate smaller carbon footprints.

Must-try: Singju Salad, Winter Jar, Father Michael’s Cheese

Address: Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness” that’s the mantra that AnnaMaya works on. In the words of Executive Chef Alex Moser, “the essence of AnnaMaya lies in encouraging a healthy lifestyle through mindful meals.”

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Image courtesy: ©AnnaMaya

Salad Bar sees unique temperature-controlled cabinets for microgreens, which are grown and harvested in-house. The kitchen constantly sees experimentation and use of seasonal ingredients mostly like amaranth, millets, other veggies and fruits. Don’t miss the pickles and chutneys on the table sourced all the way from Umang, Ranikhet.

Must-try: Basil naan, Lotus root curry, Amritsari goat milk paneer tikka, The Confit duck leg

Address: Ground Floor, Asset No.1, Aerocity, New Delhi

Café Pluck

Image courtesy: ©Cafe Pluck

This modern European and contemporary Indian restaurant is all about offering fresh and safe ingredients that are locally focussed. The menu at this signature restaurant is decided by the seasonal availability of produce. With an in house farm of 5,000 sq.ft, the chef offers the freshest ingredients for your meal and the rest can be felt in every bite that you take.

Must-try: Rooted in Nature, Signature Dahi Bhalla- Chenna Bhalla, Parmesan Burnt Garlic Soup
Address: Asset No 02, IGI Airport, New Delhi

The Wine Company

Known for constant reinvention, The Wine Company is all about preparing global food with locally available produce. Their Spiciest North East Pizza makes it to the top of the experimental yet high on flavour dishes; don’t forget to ask for the hottest of hot sauces, only available here. The menu is melee of local ingredients, world cuisines and a tapas style of service.

Must-try: Cheese fondue, Pulled Jackfruit with Jalapeno cheese
Address: Cyber Hub, Gurugram

Capital Kitchen, Taj Palace

Image courtesy: ©Taj Palace

Embracing the concept of “hyperlocal dining” as a part of sustainable culinary practices, the Capital Kitchen at Taj Palace works closely with local farmers who grow and deliver limited quantity produce to them. The idea here is to leverage the expertise of farmers whose products are in limited quantity, not mass produced. The hotel works with cheesemakers and cultivators of organic greens whose select produce gets hand-delivered and is of truly extraordinary quality. Such a model benefits farmers and small-time agrarian producers immensely.

Must-try: Greek Salad, Grilled Caprese Sandwich, Tuna Cheddar Melt
Address: Taj Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi