The WHO has classified Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic.

Find out what this means for travelers.

These videos are great for a virtual outdoor experience

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As we all deal with a period of self-isolation, there could be many who wish to step outside and travel. Well, not as yet! We bring a set of documentaries and slow travel videos that you can enjoy at the luxury of your home.

For anyone missing travel right now, these videos could be just the ticket to make their future travel plans.

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Train ride from Bergen to Oslo (7 hours)


A day at the dog beach in Perth (2 hours)

MS Victoria on the Telemark Canal, Norway (11 hours)

Walking with reindeer in Karasjok, Norway (2 hours)

A bus trip around Yorkshire, England (2 hours)

Walking through Tokyo (2 hours)

Sailing to Tobago (2.5 hours)

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