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How this couple travels with a full-time job without exhausting savings

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We are a couple working on a 9 to 5 job, paying our bills, doing our taxes, and travelling out of passion. Travelling has been part of our life ever since we were kids and we enjoy everything about travelling. During our graduation and post-graduation days, travel became such an essential part of our life, we didn’t want our work to hamper our travel. So we figured out an amazing equation of “Work-Travel Life”, where the work we do pays off our bills and the travel refills our soul.

In order to get this right, it is essential to balance your work and travel well. To keep this sustainable, it is equally important to ace at your work. We strive hard towards achieving our goals, putting in those extra hours in order to build the organisation’s trust and confidence on us. We communicate about our planned leaves to our seniors and before setting off on those leaves we complete the task assigned to us, thereby acing our work and remain burden-free on our trips.

Planning Well

How is this possible? Well, the little secret is in planning. We plan trips for the entire year in the beginning of the year itself when we receive our holiday calendars. This helps in identifying those weekends and public holidays, with which we can club our leaves with and find an extended holiday. Combining one or two days along with public holidays and weekends gives you a good 4-5 days for your travel, and trust us, since we started our jobs, we have managed to cash-in on at least 8-9 trips in a year. That is how we manage to prioritize our work before going on leave and also save our leaves from getting exhausted.

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Budget Prediction


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Coming to the tough part, how to not exhaust your savings? Well the key to that is accurate budget prediction. While we block our calendars for the year we also account for the locations to be visited during that time of the year along with the budget of the trip. This assigning of budget helps in allotting sufficient funds from our salary towards the trip and we stick to that budget during the trip. Planning in advance also guarantees you confirmed seats on the train and cheaper tickets for flights, not to forget best offers on stays. We also effectively use the reward points earned on our credit cards, which takes care for a trip or two for the year.

Go Local

The hotels and stay form a major part of the expense on the trip. So we choose the stays depending on our itinerary of the place. If our itinerary includes sightseeing and exploration, we opt for a mid-budget hotel or home stays. If the itinerary is a relaxed one, we opt for a luxury stay. Food is another aspect that many of us do not take into consideration. We always go for local dishes from local outlets instead of eating at hotels. This not only saves your money, but also makes you bond with the culture of the place.

Research Thoroughly

Finally, intense research about the place will definitely save a lot of your money. This includes expenses incurred on entry tickets, tips, local transportation, shopping and miscellaneous things. A dime saved, is a pound earned!

When we started our career, we were also influenced to take travel as a full time activity. But then we figured out we can enjoy the best of both worlds. So, for a full-time career and an enthusiastic & relaxing holiday to be in sync, all you have to do is figure out this simple equation of managing your finances and leaves. That way you can have a perfect “Work-Travel Life”.

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